Help for sIBL_GUI???


[size=2]Hi there :slight_smile:

I asked Kel Solar for lower versions compatibility and if it’s ok to compile(no need) the sIBL_GUI.

This is what he said:
[size=2] The code source of sIBL_GUI is available as the software is open source but it’s not with him that the XSI 6.0 and 6.5 must be dealt, because he is blind and software independant, it’s the template used for XSI 7.0 that need to be modified and adapted for XSI 6.5 / 6.02.

There is a browsable archive here with all the XSI Templates versions:

If you have some friends that can update one of the versions for XSI 6.5/6.02 don’t hesitate to ask him (It would be a real time gain for me) and I will include it in the archive, etc Smiley

[/size]It’s the current XSI template that needs to be tweaked to work under XSI 6.02/6.5
[size=2] --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Is somebody out there who is able to do this???

Cheers, [/size]


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