Help for photorealistic living room with VRAY4C4D


Hi there, I’m currentyly xorking on a living room, I made a render test, and I don’t know what is going wrong with it, it seems too fake, 3Dish

How can I improve my photorealism ? Is the lightning good ?

Thanks !


you can improve shaders materials this render is illustrate render not real you make more good light and good shaders

floor is need more real shader

wall is same etc


A couple thoughts:

  • The view outside the house looks very dim, underexposed; try making it significantly brighter.
  • This is perhaps more of my own personal taste - but I’d also try making that outdoor/key light itself a lot brighter as well, so that the floor is quite bright. In the clay render it looks good, but the wooden floor absorbs a lot of the light.
  • Perhaps get get some 3D foliage to put outside instead of relying purely on the HDRi; maybe have a tree placed near the light so that there is some variety in the shadows cast inside. Combined with a stronger key light, this could look quite nice.


Ok thanks for your answers, so materials and lightning, have you in mind some tutorials to advice ? Free or paying


you make best quality render you improve :slight_smile:

1- lighting shadows

2- materials

3- use high quality models


Thanks for your reply ! Anyone got any links of books/videos/articles free or paying to improve my skills in Vray4C4D ?
Is this good ?


This article is very in-depth. Covers modeling texturing lighting composition and post work. Its Vray in 3DS Max but the concepts are the same.

His site has a large library of making-of and case studies that contain tons of information on how some top visualization artists are achieving their results.