Help! for my son Ted, Glen Angus (2D)


I’m relieved to see that progress is being made and I hope Ted gets help soon. I just want to wish you and your family all the best.


Congratulations, Glen, on the Governor’s measure to require insurance companies to cover autism! It was great to see Teddy excited and playful! You hang in there and we’ll keep praying.



Hi everyone,

Thanks to your support I believe there is muchmore pressure being put, not just in this State, but elsewhere towards support for children with autism.

Also I don’t think I have ever had so many votes (77 in all I think) and an above 4.00 rating!
You are all so kind.

In some small way to thank you I am posting the ftp link so that anyone can download the
hi res image to print for personal inspiration and/or use for any charitable purposes.
There have been many people that are dealing with similar situations, and I would like you to have this image for free.

Here is the ftp address:
click on the link and simply hit save.

If it is to be used publicly- Please footnote that the image was done by gangus and taken from the kindness of the forum at
(If the moderators do not want any association with this please contact me and I’ll remove this part, otherwise I am proud to have you be affiliated with this)


Best wishes on your son and your family Gangus!Perhaps the most passionate post I’ve seen on this site.
This is what art should be about.
Hope to see this immortalized in the CG awards section


PS- 5Stars!


like you my son has been diagnosed recntly with autism. but there is a cure and you need to investigate it for yourself. is a great place to start!!
and here is a great video to understand what is happening and what you can do for your son


well, this is my first post here(i have no reasons for doing it before), but i wan´t to show you my concern about your son´s situation, and my support.Could write more, but i will be repeating things said along the post so just say another little one thing, i sent the mails even i´m from spain, because the more mails they get, the faster they will turn to the problem, even if it´s only to stop the mailing(in the worst way non USA mailing will be at least noticed and discarded, but noticed at all) XDDD, and well autism is something related to the human beings,in abstract sooo hope all this helps.


Amazing piece. I send my mail, although im not in the US, i hope it counts for something. I had a sister with a really weird form of autism, so the image really affected me . I hope it all turns out well for you, really, and i will prey for your son.

Buena suerte.


I’ve found an article about autism if you’re interested in read it, but it’s only in french… sorry there is no translation:

hope it help you in some way.

be strong and keep the good work, your art is amazing, always inspire me.


Dear Glen
Your intence imotions for your son brough tears to my eyes reading your post.
I’m glad you could express it out through this wonderful peice of art that you made.
I got to your post through the CG newsletter, so I think CGS moderators are also on your side and it’s very generous of them and they have my complete admiration and respect for that well done CGS.
Good luck with your son’s therapy, always keep hope and faith that there’s a way to get him out of this mental prison.

Good luck Glen


Beautiful work gangus.

Don’t despair over your son’s situation. My son was diagnosed with autism at age 4 in 1998, at the start of the wave of the autism epidemic. I quit working and channeled all my energy into autism research. Now he is 13 and attends a regular middle school with a part time aide. It will always require a lot of effort for you and your son as he grows up, but you will take immeasurable joy in the little things that he accomplishes that parents of typical kids take for granted. You and your son will become better people through this experience. Don’t get too hung up looking for savant skills. Only 10% of the autistic population are savants and they usually function at a much lower level in most other areas. The best advice I got from a therapist was not to overindulge my son in his special area of interest. Better to try to keep him well rounded.

What I find fascinating with my son is that even though he lacks empathy and has a really hard time reading non-verbal cues in others, the characters in the drawings he makes show an unbelievable range of emotion. It’s all in there in his head, the wiring is just not right.

Good luck to you and your family.


Dear Glen,

I’m crossing my fingers for you…

In love…

-cheerZ- :wavey:


hang in there and hope it will turn out well for you!
the governer will be getting atleast one mail from Croatia in his inbox today:)
ill be posting your request to my frineds at myspace, so hopefully a few more will come during the week!


Hi Glen,

This piece of art was doubly influential to me as we have just been celebrating our sons first birthday & he is so fun & outgoing & it will be easy for him to let us know how he is feeling & that will make our journey together as son & parents all the easier. Please do not appologise on my account as this is a forum of art & that comes from expressing what comes from the heart and our own personal experiences. The imagery of the boy with no mouth ,frustrated, I feel very deeply & works well with the ‘burried’ image of your silent son. Great work.

As for treatments, I’m a student, and my partner is a Practitioner of the Trager Approach, which you may find helpfull, for your son and yourself too. Check out the USA web site & I’m sure they could hook you up with someone with some Autism experience & maybe not as expensive as the other methods of treatment.

Another possibility is NLP. My partner ,Sara ,is studying closely with Michael Breen (a leading exponent in the field who worked closely with Dr Bandler, the originator of the NLP mind developement techniques), possibly there may be a way of helping you this way also.

Please feel free to contact me if I can help you in any way with more information on these developement techniques or to pass on your details.

Keep up the good work. And as a ‘retired’ vike re-enactor I love your pencil work of the Norse characters.


Sorry to hear about your son. I tried the government link but it didn’t open in my explorer, will try again. The illustration is great, and disturbing too.


Gorgeous work. You were able to convey both your fealings and your sons with a wonderful directnes and simplicity.

Best wishes and a link to some suport. They have alot of advice for things you can do without having to wait for the burecrats.


Mr Gangus!

The thread only reached me today…so sorry…

I am so sorry to hear about it…(about your son)…Be there anything we can do for you with your family except send email ?..

anyway…you and your wife don’t too worry…you must believe yourselves…you can help your son through this difficulty…you should see life through rose-coloured spectacles…(you must keep optimistic …Only thus can helps To allay your son’s autism!..)

As the parents …you don’t be too nervous…don’t be too dependence on medical treatment…you must be careful of your son’s feelings …because child need a caring environment at this time…and you must often talking to him …

I suggest you read some psychology books…(I Believe these books will be very valuable to you…)

PS: …Don’t worry…It’ll all turn out fine…and …we (I with my good friends…)are prayer to God for your son…

minmin xu


Just wanted to write and say thank you to everyone on the forum who sent in the letters. The bill was passed for insurance to pay for coverage. It might not come into effect (with legalities and all) to directly benefit my son. But it should help countless of children diagnosed with autism in Wisconsin for years to come.

Things are going okay with us. We are hiring privately to have specialists come and work with Teddy. Some amazingly talented people that I feel will really help him while we wait for the government waver.

Thanks again,



This is very powerful and inspiring Glen. I wish you and you family lots of luck. I know this was posted a while ago; how are things going?


it tells everything. i really feel that! very nice work.:thumbsup:


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