Help! for my son Ted, Glen Angus (2D)


Title: Help! for my son Ted
Name: Glen Angus
Country: United States
Software: Photoshop

This illustration was perhaps the hardest thing I have ever done.Not because of content or style but the subject matter.
Why because it is a painting of my 2 year old boy Teddy. Who has been recently diagnosed with autism.

It is based on a few principles (well unfortunately realities)
Children with autism need early intervention- when their minds are still in that sponge like pliable stage- so that they can develop new pathways of learning and have a better chance at leading the closest thing to what we call a normal life.
Currently in the state of Wisconsin there is an extremely long waiting list to get aid from the government to pay for the proper therapy-called a waiver (aprox. $100,000-$150,000 a year)

The other painful thing is to know that there is a real great child in there. I say “in there” because (as hopefully illustrated in my painting) they are aware and intelligent yet cannot simply communicate or show their love or emotions, which must be so horribly frustrating. (Hence what I feel everyone sees when they think of a child with autism throwing a violent tantrum) Imagine being trapped mentally in what would feel like a permanent claustrophobic cell, wanting to cry out to those you love but not having the voice to do so.

This image was created because of the premises and how sadly and ironically people do not know enough about this condition, yet we all know and love our (what I refer to as) death TV. Shows like Law and Order, CSI, Cold Case, Without a Trace, Bones, etc. Where they will boost their ratings by having horrible atrocities like being buried alive to chill the viewer’s imaginations. Worse yet they will use children in their stories to further stir our emotions (Law and Order SVU in my humble opinion by far the most ruthless in doing this).

Anyways- this isn’t about violence on TV- It’s about how my son is in a way buried alive, and much like the way the shows on TV go- there is a limited amount of time to metaphorically “reach him”.

I sincerely hope you like this image and find it stirring enough to help me out. I know a lot of you, and have tried to help many of you out with your artwork in the past,
I do not intend to presume you owe me anything for that- I simply implore that you take a couple minutes out of your day, tell your friends to visit and follow the link that I have provided below to politely voice your opinion in asking the government to lower the time it takes to get children like my son help.
Also to show your support for an upcoming mandate that will push insurance companies to cover children with autism’s therapy, for which they currently do nothing.
It doesn’t have to be much- a sentence or two and a copy to this link. You do not have to be from Wisconsin or even this country to show your support.

Please consider.

Here is the link:
please CC: <>
Tamlynn Sallows <> <>

If I have offended or misused this forum to try and proactively use my talents to help him out, and or put you in an uncomfortable position-you
have my most sincere apologies. If the moderators of CGtalk deem this is not the stage to present this personal matter- and choose to move this thread
to a more personal section of this site I understand- you have already been too generous to me in the past and I will take no offence to it being moved.
If you do- I would truly appreciate anything you can do to promote people to visiting this post wherever it may end up.

Glen aka gangus

Image painted entirely in Photoshop


Wonderfully touching and the depth of meaning is only driven home by your conviction. I do not think you need to apologize for making your voice heard, sometimes the most poignant of art is the art that speaks the voice of truth, that incites the want to bring about change. Your passion is evident. Autism is truly one of those things people don’t even consider, but the fact that it is so much more prevalent than people realize is alarming. I read somewhere the chances of a child being born with autism is 1/100 (correct me if I am mistaken)…and yet I am willing to bet most people don’t even know that. Those are staggering figures…

On a more personal sidenote, I wish you…your son…your entire family the very best of luck in bringing out the beautiful freedom within your son.


That’s a really touching post, Glen. Trite as ‘internet emotion’ can often sound, I sincerely hope Ted gets the help he needs. The image is immensely powerful. I wish you all the best.



Hi, no comments man, Illustration tells pretty much everything.
Hope everything goes well with your son, and they reach him in time, aswell any other child today and/or in future.
This should be Front paged I guess!?
Goad bless !


Art is suppose to evoke emotions. Even when it maybe unconfortable or heaven forbid thought provoking. Well done and I commend CG Talk for keeping and promoting freedom of expression.

I hope this posting will help you and your family and others like you.

As you may or may not know the former president of Autodesk Canada has recently stepped aside so he can spend more time with his autistic son. The duties had become to stressful for him not to be there.

I beleive Autodesk supports a foundation for this.


So sorry to hear about your son. I hope things will be alright.


Very fierce, I like this style,


Oh … I am so sorry for your son … Hope he will be ok
Good luck .


I saw a documentary a few years ago, to dispell the myth that autism was mental retardation, but rather a nervous system disorder. Seeing children (with practice) typing on a keyboard such things as ‘Trapped in my body’ and ‘I tell my hands to do one thing, and they do another’ brought this grown up to tears.

This work does the same.

As a father of two, I am reminded everyday how lucky I am to be alive and have children w/o such an affliction. I sincerely hope that one day if not a cure, then a treatment to aid both the children and their families become more available in both opportunity and financial aspects.

I wish you and yours the best.



This goes strait to the hart, fabiluse work and Im so sorry … Hope you will be strong to manage this unfair life … Love.


This is a cruel world Glen, at least you live in a country that “helps” this kids.

I don’t want to become personal, but you have your son there, alive, at your side, to love and protect him.

Enjoy your son man, the help will come.

All my love to you and your family.

PS: the illustration is great.


Great job, I love seeing your different styles. This image really hits the emotion on the head, and anyone can read it and relate quickly. Great job on painting such a touching subject to you, thats gotta be the hardest part.


Hi Glen. You and your family are still in my thoughts, and I trust that you’ll find that silver lining around this seemingly dark cloud. Your piece is very touching. I’m losing my internet tonight, and don’t know when I’ll be back on again, but will urge all my friends asap to follow your links and contribute their thoughts and ideas and whatever else they can. Good luck.


I’m very sorry to hear about the diagnosis of your boy, be strong. I hope the best for your family and thanks for the art and inspiration you’ve provided to us.


This is what Art is all about self expression and life experience. You need not apologise for this you are venting feelings, passion and love for your son. This is then being vented through your heart and spilt out onto the page, showing a very true full manifestation of what it truly is to be an Artist. In doing this you are being completely unselfish by making people aware of this condition and trying to make a positive out come for other future families and children that have autism. Well done Glen you are a true Artist. Best wish for your family and son, never lose hope. Fore he who has health, has hope, but fore he who has hope, has everything.

Your sincerely,


I too have a Autistic child and clearly hear your words, Im glad you found out at such and early age, some people dont get that advantage , you painting speks volumns :slight_smile: God Bless


Thank you everyone for writing in with such kindness.

ColinBigelow: Your reply is truly what this forum should be about. Ironic when I apologize for my art is ussually when my art is the most expressive. Thank you for helping fuel our hope for our child.

dinfet: aw man, when did you find out? Is he/she getting assistance now? where do you live?
I hope this can help everyone who has children with autism in some small way. Please feel free to take this image and use it for anything you might need. pm for the hi res if you can use it.

Kaspaas: Thank you and I hope to hear from you again soon friend.

BldRnr: well spoken. Thank you for helping better put into words what I am trying to do with this.

Balaa: You as well have really captured the meaning of my post- I truly apreciate you writing in. Yours is such a positive message in return. Thank you so much

My sincere apreciation to everyone who has written in. I hope you can find the time to write to the links. My family and I are truly touched by your writing in.



Dear Glen,

When I read your explanation of your painting I was deeply moved by the message behind your painting. I know exactly what your going through, my twin brother’s son is autistic. I have been around him for over 3 years now. I just wanted to say that there is a huge amount of hope for autistic children to lead a healthy happy life. When “Rik” was first born he very rarely spoke or engaged in conversation. He was also very moody and surpised by atypical things. Also he was very confused when we first started to teach him. Now he is patient, he puts his sentences together. He is going to school specialized for autism, and is blossoming into a wonderful little guy!! We take him everywhere and he is amazing. He can repeat scenes from his favorite movies like the “incredibles” and “spider-man!” There is huge hope for you son. Mad love respect and prayers for you. 5*

-Jason Scheier


d3cap: Thank you so much for that. It is great to hear.
we began to be concerned when he stopped making eye contact with us, and then coming on 2 years and not saying a word. He spends much of the day consumed in himself doing a little routine of crawling around from object to object- kitchen to living room. He is a good little soul, and we are blessed that despite some frustration tantrums we get to see him smile and watch him laugh. He is strong as well- being born with 2 club feet and going through weeks of casts and wearing the bar and shoes really has strengthened him.

Thank you for writing.


Hi Glen just want to say that you and your family have my support and my prayers, I’m pretty sure that things will come out just fine and there is a old saying over here in Mexico that goes “God doesn’t give someone a cross he can’t bear”… you need not to apologize for letting your voice be heard (and be sure people will raise their voices for you as well) and you’ll see that your kid will be alright, be confident for you have the best Doctors and Treatments in the US and its a matter of no time Im sure…

Take care
Carlos Arellano