help exaggerating existing details


Hi everyone.

I have this scanned model to do some adjustments, but I also need to exaggerate the existing details as well. Does anyone know how to do that? Is there any easier way then going through each and every wrinkle on the fur manually?



dunno what your saying or asking


I need to make the wrinkles more deep and exaggerated


You could try Mask by Cavity and then inflate the umnmasked high areas, or invert the mask and inflate the cavities inwards.


That helps!

Tons of thanks :smiley:


might be a good idea to use tool>morph target>store morph
then you can do more adjustment if things get out of wack or just to much in certain area’s.
use brush>morph.

if the polygon count changes then the store morph will no longer work


Thank you for the tip :smiley: