[Help] Creating combination between Birfrost liquid and ncloth tearing simulation


Hello guys, i got some problem and really confuse about making some sort of ncloth ball filled with bifrost liquid, and i want to make the ncloth to tear up or explode upon contact with object that will smack it and spill out bifrost liquid simulation, i have tried to do several tries of ncloth simulation then fill it up with bifrost liquid then set the ncloth to bifrost container but, the bifrost liquid didn’t work to follow the ncloth as container, the question is is there anything worng with my step ?, or any solution or step to make this simulation ?.

what i’m doing is.
Setting up the ncloth ball (some sort of egg yolk material) and passive collider
Make another sphere inside it and fill it with bifrost liquid, set the liquid container
simulate it.

what happen is the ncloth working but the bifrost didn’t follow the movement of the ncloth as liquid container.

any solution guys ?, thanks