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I need a quick answer - Im building new system and thinking for GTX 680 or GTX 770 for 3ds max landscape scenes. Watched some comparisons between GTX 680 and Quadro K5000 and GTX 680 was about 25% slower when rendering some scenes, so for me its a good choice. GTX 770 is newer, quieter, less heating, it has the same specs as GTX 680, and although it uses different GK104 chip than the the one used in GTX 680, I think that its performance will be similar to the GTX 680 (couldnt find any rendering tests with GTX 770). Another plus for GTX 770 is that its easier to find it with 4GB, so do I need more VRAM and what exactly does the VRAM - will it improve the rendering time or the viewport speed - the differences in price is not that much but some says that when it comes time to use them, the GPU will be so slowly that I will have to change it because both GTX are 256 bit. Also what do you think about two GPUs x 2GB - as far as I know it does not improve the rendering time by 100% (/2) but about 70% and its better not to use them is SLI when renderin, but will a two GPUs in SLI mode or not will improve the viewport speed? Thanks in advance!


Actually, no graphics cards will help improve rendering time using main software renderers, such as mental ray or Vray. Only GPU-dedicated rendering engines will utilize the GPU at rendertime. Perhaps you meant Viewport performance, when comparing the K5000 and the GTX680? If you had variance in your rendertimes with either card, it was something else going on.

That’s why you can’t find rendering tests for the 770, or for any card for that matter, unless you’re talking about GPU-based renderers such as Vray-RT or Arnold.

To answer your question about VRAM, the more the merrier! The video RAM is what stores the textures and data for the viewport, so if you have large texture files more RAM would certainly benefit you. It will not however affect the actual rendering times or speeds at all, since rendering is done on the CPU and not the GPU, except, again, in specific cases.


VRay RT, Mental Ray’s iRay, Redshift and Octane all render on the GPU, and there are tests floating around comparing the cards he’s mentioned and the differences he’s mentioned. Boxx is constantly uploading youtube videos of Octane’s greeble tunnel on their channel.

Maybe he meant one of those? If he did, check for benchmarks. If he didn’t, and he actually meant the “offline”, CPU bound versions of MRay and VRay, then what you wrote stands.


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