Help: C4D exporting a rendering for printing



I’m creating renderings for an art project using Cinema 4D but when I go to print them out they are just blue in colour.

Does anyone know if there are special settings yo use for exporting a file to be printed?

I render the file as a JPEG 1280 x 720 image.

Any help appreciated, I have attached images of what the image should look like vs what the print out looks like


It would be probably be better if you’d post this in the C4D section :wink:


There is nothing special in Cinema 4D when it comes to saving stuff for printing.
Your key problem is very likely outside of Cinema 4D in the process you use to print. If Cinema 4D delivers the image you have shown last the output is already ok. It seems that the colors have been thoroughly messed up later, so maybe post some more details on how you did the printing and with what printer.
One thing you might change on the Cinema 4D side is the resolution.
Quality prints are usualy using resolutions in the >600dpi range, with 1280x720 resolution your final print will be about 2.1"x1.2" in size, so maybe up the render resolution to avoid pixelation from scaling.


One thing to add to Srek’s post is that you probably shouldn’t be printing/rendering as JPEG, it’s too lossy. Better to use TIFF, or if you’re sending to a commercial printer, PDF.