Help and crit


hey everyone.i need a bit of help moddeling headlights of a car.ive tried other tutorials but i was wondering if anyone had any other techniques.ill add a link to the car im working on.its on my bebo account but please take a look.Thanks everyone.:slight_smile:


hi friend. nobody on the planet is going to take the time to register/login/hunt down your pic. use something like to insert the image directly into the thread and you’ll no doubt get a better response. i’ll try to help if you do.


hahaha .i didnt think you had to register to look at it thanks man ill do that


here are the new links.hope they work


looks good. from what i can see i think you may just need more geometry around it so it’s not pulling so much. a closeup wireframe would probably help.


Looks good. Dit you modelled it with 3D Max?

I need some larger pictures to give good C&C though…


yeah it waz done in max.i cant seem to post larger images.the image itself is big but imagebucket wont show its real size


hey nemesiseden. maybe imageshack would have been better suggestion by me. they can supply bigger images. my bad.


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