[help]3D Studio Max


Hello everyone, anyne can help me with 3D studio Max? like anyone got a site with tutorials or videos that teach how to use it? becouse i just installed it and i’m having difficulties to make things with it hehe… so any help will be very apreciated :wink:



First: There’s is a 3DS Max specific forum here you should browse. And shockingly enough there are subforums there with tutorial and resource links.

Second: When one purchases an expensive app such as max one should sit down with the documentation and read it. Then do the on-line tutorials that come on the max CDs. In other words…RTFM.


Try 3D Buzz @ 3DBuzz.com


first of all really sorry, i was late for my karate class and didn’t noticed that i was making the topic in the General Discussion, and second many thanks for your help :wink:


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