Hells Kitchen Lof, German Jarrys (3D)


Title: Hells Kitchen Lof
Name: German Jarrys
Country: Argentina
Software: 3ds max, After Effects, Photoshop, VRay

Evermotion Competition 2011 - First Place interior category.

My interior was based on Hells Kitchen Loft by Smith - Miller-Hawkinson Architects. All models were made by me, except the desk lamp (by tolas) and books.

Textures: cgtextures.com
Artwork: Antoni Tapies


More images.



very good work man :applause:


Great work:thumbsup:


Superb work! Incredible details
congrats for 1st place in the competition :thumbsup:


Really good.
Hey man, you make me remember the time when I was messing with colors and an aerograph too. Glad to work with pixels now.
It looks like you are a spik&span guy trying to look as a messy one, from the image: e.g. cans are well aligned and brushes too, but the brush holder is smeared as if on purpose.
Well, an architect is supposed to work in an ordained environ, so…
My compliments.


Fantastic work! Love all the details!


Hi Jarry

Superb work…Incredible details , you inspired me…
congrats for 1st place in the competition! you deserved it



5* and that’s all here :slight_smile:


Thanks guys
Thanks Neb i’m glad to see you here


Hi Jarry, Superb work, very inspiring my friend…
Congrats for 1st place in the competition well deserved for your hard work

Arkin :slight_smile:


Thanks my friend!:beer:


Man, cant wait for the making of!
Pls pls focus a lot on the texturing and modelling of those sticks and dirty paint, windows etc.

Funny thing is. This was our first competition we ever entered and we got the first prices. :stuck_out_tongue:

Best of lucks,


This is so stunning…take a look on the textures and mood,very very nice Jarrys!

Congratz man!!


Wow very nice. I can see why it won.


Amazing stuff here!!! Felicitaciones!


GooD~ It’s very reality.


Excellent work, congratulations on your well deserved 1st Prize!


francisco Koehler


Hiper realistic!! congrats. I like your work.



Good texturing and lighting.Congr. your award.