Hello there


Hi there, everyone. T.O. here, newbie from Romania. . I’m an artist: fresh-out-of-shell writer, illustrator and designer (books and everything). Had a little fun with the 3d world too but it takes a while so I cannot brag about it much.
Here’s my profile on Behance
Telling a little about what I do.

And here’s a little something that I recently found useful for the artists trying to find a way for their art to make itself useful. It is called Displate.com and it offers your artwork placed on metal supports! Go on and find how this works! Hopefully this is helpful to you guys.

Well, that’s where my inspiration for today’s share stops. Perhaps tomorrow. Looking forward to learning from you guys since I found some interesting topics around here on various art-related subjects, so… I might start asking questions and get annoying. Prepare! :laughing: :star_struck: :thinking:


Welcome to CGSociety Forums.

I looked at your abstract art works, and they are interesting.

As for displate, I wouldn’t recommend them as they are using artists and literally paying out less than $15.00 as commission for an art piece that sells for $54.00 and that is the medium size- won’t even mention the XL size payout. If a person wants to compete with the thousands of other artists on that site, a person has to lower the final price to $42 for a size M which only pays out $2 in commission.

In a competitive market like that website, only the really ignorant will buy an art piece for a high price, especially since it is only a print of an art piece in a metal plate. Nice idea, but badly designed with the magnet to keep a heavy object on the wall.

And did you see the negative and bad reviews on that website? A lot of people are really angry as the product is absolutely crap and falls apart and off the wall. How do you think an inferior product would impact an artist’s brand? Not good. If the payout to an artist was higher, I would say it ‘might’ be worth it, but it isn’t with all the negative reviews. At the moment not many people have shouted to the heavens about the income potential of the site either. Sorry, just not for me.

And while I am sure your intentions are worthwhile, I am too used to seeing posts like this about displate, so I hope this post wasn’t just an advertisement from them, since a lot of sites like that employ dodgy people to go into forums and shout out how amazing a place is.

Either way, I hope your stay at CG society is amazing. Good luck with your art.