Hello there, I'm Seige


hello, my name IRL is “sagar” and “seige” (as used online)
I am 19 year old guy from INDIA.

pardon my English and terminology as it isn’t my first language

A bit about myself :

interests or aim : 3d character art and fantasy style 3d game/movie cinematic (ex - league of legends trailers or those Chinese game trailers)

I started to find my interests rather than studying aimlessly around the beginning of 2019.
After watching some of the artwork from famous artists,I fell in love with creative industry and started learning 2d digital drawing as a hobby (as i used to watch anime…a lot of it)
later I found about 3d art and blender. I started following random tutorials I could find online and learned basics of blender in a few months
I am doing my technical degree course (bachelor of computer applications) in parallel to this.
I have decided to take 3d art seriously now after a long internal battle of thoughts, like “should I take this risk or not”

current progress : consider me a noob for now
I now know the basics of 3d modelling and general pipelines.
I shifted from blender to maya(learning basics) and zbrush(learning basics) ,I still use blender for modelling though.
I started learning human anatomy through proko anatomy series on YouTube and online resources a few days prior.
my bachelors programme will end mid 2020 after which I am planning to pursue a professional diploma in game art with the purpose of preparing a portfolio and learn real life skills between artists while making a network.
social accs : “seigearts” is my instagram username you can see some of my work there

what I expect from this community : Honest critiques, and some good friends that I can work with on team projects or something.

Feel free to message me about anything…I will get back to you whenever i can

I hope i haven’t offended anybody in any way…I just wanted to get myself out there.