Hello People, Sharing Some Work


Hello Community ,

I am newbie here and today i am sharing some of my recent work here, please rate it and give feedback to me.


I Retract my previous comment. Did some searching, leads to a harmful website if you dig a bit around.


Wow looks wonderful thanks


Nice work so far. Very neat and clear.


Looks good. I would only have some comments:

Images are little too crisp/overscharpened in my opinion.

  1. The lighting is kind of flat and looks like it was edited too much in postwork.
  2. Looks kind of greenish for me and lacks contrast. I like the overall lighting and mood though.
  3. The lighting is too chaotic.
    4 Same as above, the whole lighting is kind of flat.
  4. I like it, nice lighting, but I would give it more space in the upper part and cut down lower instead.

Just my 5 cents, in general good job! :slight_smile:


not bad. Looks so good and decent. Carry one brother.


Nice job! Wish you good luck with your future works!


Hello! I’m new here too. I think your work is very good


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