Hello! Newbie here! Need some advices on complicated rig.


Hi there, CG Society!

First time posting here. I’ve been studying Maya for almost a year now, but only recently started learning Rigging and Skinning.
I was given a task to make a rig for a humanoid creature with several meshes attached to it. Goal is to make those meshes pop out from the body whenever animator wants (and if possible make controls to scale them).

I’ve tried making rig with Blendshapes (scaled those meshes down, made additional control and set driven key on them) which works absolutely fine in T-pose. However when we stretch limbs too far those meshes start changing drastically as they have skin on them from the bones. Tried another rig with additional bones and controls on each mesh, but they do not bend as supposed to and can go into main mesh if the angle of rotation is too high (Also rig looked like a hedgehog lol).

Please share your thoughts on this! Maybe I’m a noob and don’t know something, but I really want to make it done :D.

If it has any importance, we’re importing our models with animations to Unreal. I had an idea to attach said meshes to sockets on main body, but apparently animating in Unreal is…unreal.