Hello! new to this world


So I started with blender but really wanted to get into Zbrush. It was super intimidating for some reason… I watched a video by someone(not gonna say who so I dont get flagged for spam smh) and it broke it down to a point that I felt comfortable giving it a go. Heres my stuff so far, not much but I would like some critiques. Better I learn what I’m doing wrong now and correct it before I put a lot of time doing the wrong thing.

Lastly id like see if anyone has any advice as to what courses, or tutorials I should watch and in what order maybe. Aaaaaaand I realize I’m asking people to make my curriculum, haha, but really any advice in that aspect would help tremendously as I don’t have a lot of time to learn so I need to make sure when I do practice and learn it is productive.

Thanks in advance. I work in restaurants so I have a VERY thick skin. Trial by fire, please. !


Hello and welcome!

Your start is great so far. Certainly better than the average first timer.

I would adjust the ears, they are attached at the tip in a way that is not normal
It is way too symmetrical
The nose has nostrils that seem either too small or non-existent
The hardest area is usually around the eyes, and you nailed this
Speaking of the eyes, I would maybe space them SLIGHTLY further apart, just a tad

Study anatomy, and watch tons of live sculpts. Twitch has some great artists who do an entire character sculpt in one session, and you can learn a LOT from watching a couple hours of that. The annoying part of some of them is when they do shout-outs to the people watching, but some artists take a lot of time to talk through their design choices and that is very helpful. Here is a guy I watch a lot on Twitch and YouTube:


Also this link is great:

Good luck!!!


Thank you for your input!! I wanted to reply quite a while ago but for some reason, my account was flagged for spam. All fixed now as you can see. Like I mentioned I don’t get a lot of time to practice with my job and other studies so maybe the time away is the cause.

I picked up “Atlas of human anatomy for artists” by Stephen Rogers and it has been pretty great being a 50±year-old book that I got for 3 bucks haha. I had a day to sculpt and this is what I came up with. I know I went too heavy on the detail and the neck is maybe a bit short. I figured id make it stocky to support the size of the skull. I’m also considering removing the headpiece and making it it’s own subtool instead of being connected.
The idea is that he is a shaman. I want to build him a staff in Blender and finish it in Zbrush, and maybe pick up a trial of Marvelous Designer to make a robe.

I’ll focus on human anatomy next. I wanted to take advantage of my time and give myself an easy win with the first couple of takes on anatomy as to not burn out. Luckily my team to invest into this will expand here shortly so im excited to dive in deeper.