Hello/Inquiry from an enthusiast (wanting to learn 3D modeling)


Hi CGSoceity, I came here from Reddit as a recommendation, English is not my fist language so bear with me please.

I’m a 26 years old self thought designer (I studied software engineering in the university) I’m good with software in general, being able to instinctively get the grasp of them with the help of some videos, that is the way I pretty much have taught myself everything I’ve learned so far. My new obsession is 3d modeling, I found that I love to doing it (I’m a frustrated artist) I started by modeling bottles for the company I work for, saving them a lot money (a Veterinary Pharmaceutical manufacturer), making custom made designs and models, pretty basic stuff, basic shapes on fusion 360, but doing it I found myself loving it.

I’ll get a little bit personal if I don’t bore you. I’m frustrated with myself as I stated; I want to start working on my own projects do my own thing and thought that 3d modeling could be my escape of the system, I live in Nicaragua a pretty poor country, so opportunity is vast here, besides maybe I could freelance abroad.

To be honest, I feel lost, not even knowing where to start, I want to be able to design everything really, not limit myself, and see what 3d modeling has to offer (model characters, landscaping, buildings, etc.), then stick with what I’m good at.

So I am here, desperate and confused, been searching for online courses, stumbled upon a EDUCBA “Design Course - All in One Bundle” I’m also looking universities in Barcelona to take some master or something in 3d modeling, but for me university has been the biggest disappointment of my life… I need someone to point me in the right direction, to show me the way.

This grasshopper needs change in his life man, I’m not getting any younger…



for one, youre crazy young… relax man. Im just starting out too and Im 28. I would say, getting some work in even if its for product design is an awesome first experience.

I noticed you didnt mention anything about drawing (you could be amazing at it, not assuming anything) and while not required to be a good at creating models I would recommend learning the fundamentals, perspective, values, overall composition, lighting, etc. If you dont watch his stuff already check out FZDSCHOOL on youtube. He does more 2d concept art work and ruins a school in south east asia but his free hour long courses on his yt are amazing and will teach you design fundamentals. Hes a wealth of knowledge. You can learn programs, all of them, but if you dont have strong design fundamentals (which as a designer im sure youre probably good in most aspects) you will have a hard time standing out. So even if you dont like drawing, do it every now and than

The courses you take depend on what youre using program wise. What programs interest you?


Hey man, it was good reading your intro as it’s in the same line as me.

I was working in architecture as a student but realised 3D modeling was what took me to Architecture, I just didn’t realise.

If you can, pick up 3D modeling by William Vaughan on Kindle. I got it recommended to me as an aspiring 3D artist, and it really helps set a lot of groundwork.

Do you have a folio of work anywhere yet? It would be good to see what you’re up to!

Like you said, I also have a knack for picking things up; run with! Plus, I believe knowing coding and software engineering comes in handy with certain forms of modeling!