Hello, I have a question about Mograph dynamic structure which falls but stuck to be jiggling over its place... :(


Hello, please take a look at the project I have attached here. There is a sphere collider where inside are small spheres also with dynamic tag and they are colliding with each other and also with the big sphere inside…

The problem is that when they fall to each other by gravity they stuck to jiggling where they should stop to move at all… I have tried to adjust dampling and all others parameters but i have not finished where I wished.

Please someone who knows the dynamics in C4D better, please help me out with this riddle :slight_smile:

globe and small spheres dynamics problem.c4d (19.9 MB)


Tried to open your file and all I get is the spinning wheel.
Sorry, it’s probably my old machine or c4d version. :persevere: