Hello, I am a animation student who specializes in 3D modeling. Come take a look at my work for any feedback or comments!


Hey people, my name is Mika and for the past 3 months I have been working on a project called Specimen 662. It is about a creature in the planet Mars and about a spaceship that has crashed onto Mars and that there is a Robot trying to find said earlier creature. I was in charge of the entire interior of the spaceship, as well as the creature itself. I was also in charge of the texturing for all of the work just mentioned.

Here are some visuals:

If you guys are interested at all, the short film will be coming out very soon on YouTube and will be promoted on Instagram mdz_productions. It’ll be awesome if you guys can support a fellow student and give me any feedback as I am looking to improve. I am a new user so I can’t post more pictures but feel free to check out the Instagram