Hello, how to do "Normal Smooth" in C4D please? I cannot use just phong feature because other 3D software does not support it


Hello, have you ever heard of it that C4D does not support normal smoothing as other 3D software does?
In C4D you can smooth it within phong tag, which is not compatible in other 3D software… So it makes problem when I export models for ORAD from C4D…

So I have found only this on web: http://frostsoft.blogspot.com/2012/01/vertex-normal-tool-plugin_80.html
But it does not work in the laatest release of C4D. My question is does someone else resolve this problem to smooth normals in C4D to be albe to export it from C4D to other Software?:upside_down_face:


The phong tag is smoothing normals based on an angle threshold and explicit breaks. You can export those normals using any exchange format that supports normals. Whether you created your normals through the phong tag or a plugin (such as the linked one) should make no difference in this case.