Hello China!


I’m from Russia, I live in the far east, near Vladivostok … I am 18 years. :wink:
This year I want to go to China, one year I will teach the Chinese language

The main question is where to go to learn the CG (modeling, animation etc.). Only the really good schools in China (not too very expensive!)


There are lot of CG training organization in China, but not cheap, what city will you be in?


Hello! I plan to learn Chinese in Harbin (HIT, i think), maybe it will be Dalian (these cities are not far away), but I dont know… But! I am willing to travel far for good schools…


As I know, those “schools” are focus on CG software skill only, and I don’t think they have Chinese language course, if you want to learn Chinese, I suggest you find a language school.


I found a language school. I’m not looking in these cities СG School,I was looking for these schools, but found one yet http://www.gdc-world.com/, I want that you have helped me with links to schools. In my view such schools should teach not only software but also drawing + sculpture.


This school is in the south of China,the main software they teach is maya,they also teach art but only several months so you can’t learn more!You can go to Beijing the capital of China,there are many CG school and art school and many universities,you can go to the Animation School of Beijing Flim Academy http://www.bjanimation.com/web/index.asp or the Communication University of China School of Animation and Digital Arts http://animation.cuc.edu.cn/,
or some school like www.hxsd.com or Crystal Education http://www.crystaledu.bj.cn/?bdclkid=2R-EJbMPTmQzwaqWqLiGEatc0f8K0gsDy4oqRGvrlwOPKWMG3J
hope can help you


Thank you very much! :cool: now i calm… Now I understand that there are many schools cg. In Russia have only two, they are in Moscow … I chosen China + open for me a Chinese language. Again thank u !


Hey, welcome to China. I am also a CG learner. I know if you want to go far in this field, drawing is important.

What Eric suggested you about schools is professional and helpful.

Wish you good luck in China!


For what it’s worth I have taught three excellent students from Communication University of China School of Animation and Digital Arts http://animation.cuc.edu.cn/ over the past seven years or so - they definitely teach traditional art skills to a high level. That one would definitely be worth a visit - my students have told me that it is very hard to get in.


thank you very much


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