Hello all.


I’m very intimidated by the amazing artists in this community. I first came to know about you because I was looking for examples of Fairy art and came across the amazing art of Linda Bergkvist. Now, there are others that I can’t believe the work they put out, Marta Dahlig & Melanie Delon. I have both Digital Painting Books and love the tutorials and the inspiration. I cannot believe though, the steady hand of you accomplished artists. Just drawing perfect lines for the eyes seems impossible to me.

But, I might be able to get it, after all, I can do a lot more now than I could two weeks ago.
I’m a photographer who has used Corel Painter to paint over photos. My grandniece loves fairies so I promised to do a painting of she and her mother as fairies. Well, I am no longer satisfied with photo manipulation, I’m working from a blank canvas. I just wish I could get those eye lines as perfect as my ladies above can do. BTW, I have PS CS4 and Painter 11 so I have the tools and I’m sure, some talent that is just about ready to come to the surface. As soon as I paint my fairies, I’ll have something for my CG gallery. Thanks!


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