Hellboy sculpt


Hi all,

My long awaited holidays in the mountains are gone cause i have caught some ****ing flu. I dont need to tell you how angry I was about it. Lets say “very ”. But! I have manage to put this anger in to Zbrush and just force the sphere to look like something. I had no idea what its gona be but it turn out as a
wait for it
Hellboy. Angry Hellboy . I dont know if I will do some picture with him but for now the work on this bust keep my mind sane :slight_smile:


And here is a first update from yesterday. I am trying to play with a skin shader a little bit. I am using Arnold renderer and I have to say I am really excited about it.

Also I am playing with an idea of arrested Hellboy . Mainly becasue I am lazy and I dont want to model body and hands


big fan of your work man always a pleasure to reply to your thread :beer: , very nice work (not that you are waiting for me to tell you lol ) , love the steps and would really love to see more :arteest: keep going mate


Hey man! Thanks for your comment. You will probably dont belive it but I dont have very big self-esteem. So every nice comment like yours make me very happy :beer:

more updates soon


Dude !!! you must be kidding , you should have some self esteem , one doesn`t become so good without hard work , you earned it mate so you should be confident that you Rock :buttrock:

P.S.would love to hear your thoughts about my work :blush:


Thanks man…I am trying my best


Progress on the coat and teeth. I Have to say that I am very unhappy with the result on these. Lots of work to be done!


New progress incoming :slight_smile: I have very little time these days so I am just trying to put it together quickly and tweak the shaders later… Also I am looking forward to work on the hair and beard :stuck_out_tongue:


Love the character sculpt; trenchcoat looks cool too. If I were to criticize, I’d say Hellboy is probably nearer 84" tall, rather than less than 72". At least the comics give him a very imposing figure.



Thanks man. I think you have a point there with the height… I will fix it in the next update.


I have worked a on the materials a little and add the sign in front of him. There is still no hair on his head, but I am keeping that for the very end. I’m also thinking about putting something interesting on the wall behind him. Dont know what though…maybe a photo collection of other arrested superheroes :slight_smile:


This is heading in the right direction, keep it on!


Yay, keep it up!


Thanks guys… I appreciate your supprot

I am playing with an idea that Hellboy could use his “stone” hand to hold the sign before him and his “human” hand to show the middle finger to the camera.

What do you think guys is it too much? :twisted:


Sounds great! :smiley: And he could crush/bend the metal bar in his stone hand.


Precisely :beer:


Haha he looks exactly like I’d imagine a grumpy guy contemplating his lost, long awaited holidays. Awesome work. But IMO the first image is much stronger than the newer ones - it’s just so much more raw, honest, with simple, direct message. Just as it should be. The newer ones have nicer shaders, etc, but the setting, the metal bar, etc, IMO detract from the expression on his face. It’s bit like that: it becomes technically brilliant, but loses some of the power that first one had.

I hope that does not sound offensive, if so, I apologise.


Thanks man for such thorough comment! Its nice that you took the time to write me your opinion, I am glad you did it. I gues you have a point. Even my wife told me that. I think its maybe because the strong simple lighting (from Zbush) suit Hellboy better that more complicated setup.

My reasons to start with this artowrk was just to take my mind of my work and life troubles and get lost for a while in the process of creating. Since I was finished with the sculpt I did find it useful for a little training in Arnold renderer. I gues thats where I got a little bit lost. But the good thing about that is, since nearly all materials are finished I can try multiple light setups and see where it takes me :slight_smile:

Anyway Thanks for your point of view man


I am starting to be happy with most of the shaders/modeling/textures. I may still adjust the lighting and of course create the goddamn hair. Tell me what you thing about it…


Texturing looks amazing. I still say he’s too short with reference to the height chart. Even if he were “normal” tall, like say 72", he looks like he’d have another 4" of big round head to add to that. But to make him more true to the character, I’d put him at “unusually” tall, so at least 80" up to the top of his head. Minor detail, but everything else is so good.