Hellboy Model And Animation Test, 3dmind (3D)


Title: Hellboy Model And Animation Test
Name: 3dmind
Country: Spain
Software: 3d Studio Max 6

I everyboy, and sorry for my English. This is the last model I’ve made based on the Hellboy character. I’ve model this using 3dsMax 6, planing to use for lipsync test.

Here you have my firs animation test:




Very nice! Maybe the nose can have more motion. Also his cheaks and his neck (show muscle strength with emotions). Did you rotoscoped it or just “free animated”?

Very good!


Very nice indeed, I agree with 3ddy, it’s a little stiff around the mouth (neck,cheeks,nose and even temples) Use the same line and look at every movement your own face make in a mirror, it might help you a lot seeing which muscles moves. The book “Stop Staring” from Jason Osipa is a great tool to help as well…


very nice movment of the head, but u need to show more cheacks , forhead and face nurbs movments- thtat way u coulld show the real HELL BOY charcter


Really well done.

Basically is “good” because it has not the hands…that are fundamental for this kind of animation.



great work … very detailed hellboy interpretation … only thing I can see is the horns have a bit too much bump for my tase, could be made more decent

the faceanim is grande


Very cool… nothing to crit from me.


The animation is great , very expressive .


Very nice job on the modeling!


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