Hellboy Image


i just finished rendering and compositing a model of hellboy. William Vaughan from http://www.iamproton.com modeled the Hellboy figure, and i posed and rendered the final image you see here:

you can download a 1600x1200 image at my site.


thanks again to william for the bad ass model!



Nice pecs :slight_smile: and DOF is working out quite nicely too.
I just wish you added more texture.



the texture is the next bit i need to add…i only had a couple hours last night to play with the model…i plan on using bump maps to create the pits and cuts and such which make Hellboy hellboy…




I would like to see some lighting design like in Mignolas work.
And make Hellboy a lot less shiney.
I know it is still in the early stages, but, gosh, I LOVE Hellboy.

I would love to help out with anything you may need. I am dying to see a good representation in 3D.


you are totally right.

here’s a sample step in that direction:

i need to get on with the nice bump maps to really push it.

thanks for the helpful crits!



i like it ! :slight_smile:
there is just something " blury " but dont know what …

is there an animation?



the blur i think you’re talking about is from the Depth of Field.

I don’t have Hellboy animated, nor do i really plan on animating him. I’m focused on creating nice stills of him.




here’s an updated version of Hellboy in the same pose with a little more dark and dirt in the image. I didn’t have AA turned on on this one…since i was running a bump and exposure test…i still think it works even though the edges are fairly hard…



having another go at it:

what do you all think?


Ok, strap yourself in, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride.

Posing/Staging: If you’re doing a still then this is ultra critical.
Try rotating the camera a little so we can see both the legs, one of the legs is hidden and a little confusing. Also the hands are a bit “edge-on” to the camera. Hands are a very expressive bit of the body, so try get them in such a way that we can really see what shape/pose they are in.

The big danger in 3d is that as we work with a 3d model for hours, we build up a mental image of the thing. You’ve probably rotated and panned around that thing a million times, so you know what it looks like even with your eyes closed. As a viewer i don’t have that benefit, i can only see what you’re showing me. Try looking at the image alpha and ask yourself if you can clearly see what kind of pose the character is in.

Depth of Field: is a great way of adding a bit of photographic realism, but at this preliminary lighting stage I’d stay away from it. Get the image looking good without DOF then bring it in as a final stage. Also keep in mind that too much DOF usually makes things look really small, like an insect in a nature documentary.

Lights: Key, Fill, Back. If you’re going for a contrasty look then you might want to skip a fill light, but a back light would really lift your images, pick out the edges of the unlit areas.

oh and lastly: Don’t stop! Keep at it man!



I think that the Post really makes the model/render true to the comic.

It looks as if this is trying to transend the “3d” look.




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