Hellblazer - constantine


I’ve posted this on the WIPforum, but didn’t get much response - hope you can give me some more focus.
Here’s the link to the WIP thread : http://www.cgtalk.com/showthread.php?t=156533


Less is more.
I would drop the hour glass.
Anyway It’s become too much of a cliché when you want to talk about time.
Just make your clockwork wheels to look more like actual ones (check out tons of model), and I think you’ll get your point through. And what is the meaning of the statue in the back. If it’s refering to old times, then it’s redundant. Replace it.



ONE crit, that’s got to be a new low…
Anyway, the statue is of Constantine the great, so it has a several meanings, apart from referring to ancient times. But you want me to take out BOTH the hourglass and statue?
…uhhh. I’m not left with a helluvalot then :slight_smile:


more isn’t always more.


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