Hektor, Marek Denko (3D)


Title: Hektor
Name: Marek Denko
Country: Slovakia
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, VRay

Hello folks,

Here is my latest personal work. I called it Hektor which is the nickname of this diesel locomotive in Slovakia and Czech republic.
I worked on it several months in my freetime. Done in 3dsmax and rendered in Vray. I also did some postproduction in Photoshop.
Hope you like it. Thanks for viewing it and have a nice day.

Dedicated to my little son and my wife.
More info at www.marekdenko.net


ohh wow, u strike again… 4*
Great image!
What was the approach to doing the vegetation?


Fantastic work as always nice details light and textures and idea 5*:beer:


I love the image, like all of your work, fantastic, the ambience, the textures and the feel of the final image, congratulations.


magnificent :twisted:


Wowo this looks absolutely amazing!
Great mood and atmosphere. It really
looks like an Photo. 5* from me.
Stunning 3D


very good picture


Looks perfect, great lighting and render. Congrats!!


Marek…Stunning is not the word for this…You keep getting better with every work you do…Awesome…5 stars…There’s only one thing I feel like saying. The time in this pic seems to be in the evening, and the image is lit by yellow to reddish light, while the blue on the right end of the sky seems a little odd. Well, again, this is just my thought. Maybe you want it that way. It doesn’t spoil the mood of the image at all.


simply perfect, 5 stars from me…


Thanks for positive comments guys!

6k crop 1

6k crop 2


For grass I used several types of grass strands scattered with advanced painter. For bushes I started with onyx tree and then I modified with in a bit noisy stuffs. Plants are hand made from cylinders and scattered nails and spheres and one of them is from xfrog also deformed and modified at the end.


Strong sense of composition, great attention to detail, gorgeous colour palette.



Thanks man! I really appreciate it.


Gr8t Marek as usual…



:thumbsup: Fantastic render … The camera angle makes it perfectly real …


High quality, photorealistic stuff, as allways. Great image!


I would have to agree with the praise you’ve recieved so far (more to come, I’m sure). The pallette realy is perfectly handled. I also wonder about the planting.

The one compositional issue I have is the last light tower on the right–I would have left it out. It is the tallest thing in the picture, and pretty much cuts off the right of your view. Without it, the locomotive gets to create the ‘peak’ of the perspective lines at the top, and the train is the central character.

Great work, thanks for posting it!


TOTALY awesome :open_mouth: perfect pic :thumbsup: no crits:bounce:


HI Marek;
one more great piece, congrats.
It’s fun, just a quick look to the thumbnail and I’ve said to myself “i know who’s behind this one”.
The sky, the lighting, the extreme attention to detail and yet the simple composition, the mood. It’s all yours.



Thank you Loïc… I’m glad you like it!