Leigh van der Byl told me that there would prob. be someone here that was interested in helping me bring my creature to life… Somebody may allready have read about it in other topics - but the creature is the silvo a creature I have written about and envented myself… and it looks something like this… the image im showing is one of the silvo classes called tunneldigger… i have over 30 different silvo artworks and many pages with facts… i need someone to help me out make a 3D modell of this race… just to get some changing and evolving… so check out www.silvo.tk tell me if anyone wants to help out, see more art or maybe some fact texts, thanks…

Bjørnar Waage


and here is the treeklimber silvo


well i got plenty of time… so post as soon as anyone can


Nice images and concept. I haven’t unfortunately got time to help but I just wanted to say that your endevour is a sound one.

Hope you find someone.


yea i sure hope so to…!! thanks for answering me!!


I also am interested but a little over extended to date. maybe in a month or two I would have time. but by then someone will already have taken this up.


Don’t you have another thread in this forum for the same project?

why didn’t you just add-on to that thread…


yea thats right… but one of the cgtalk moderators said i should put it hear to get a reply couse people didnt answer my other topic… so i hoped it would go betther this time…

in two months. i’l remember that :slight_smile:


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