HEEEELP needed urgently!


I need some script who will link objects ie. lower, upper jaw and a tongue to a vertex in upper or lover part of the mouth! Something like Link-O-Matic, I tried with some position script, it goes like this

dependsOn $RadovanIIILow;
Pos = polyop.getvert $RadovanIIILow 773;

where ReadovanIIILow is the name of the object ie. lowpoly model of the character skin, and it works… until I turn the biped’s head to which the model is skinned, then the jaws and tounge stick out sideways… like they are not following!!! Do I need some rotation script also?
Please Help me!!


I can’t clearly understand what you want to do. Usually jaw bones and tongue are children of head bone and they are skin bones for character’s head (of face) geometry. Do you want to set positions for jaw bones and tongue using some vertex positions before skinning and skin the geometry after that?


I want to link the object, lets say the upper jaw ie. cartoon theets and gum who are single separate object, to some vertex in upper part of the mouth, socket before skining! I dont use bones for facial rigging, I’m using biped.


attachment controller? $.pos.controller = Attachment ()


What should I write and where? I’m not a scripter or programmer, I had found this first script at the Internet and it doesn’t work!


I’m with DenisT. I’m still not sure what you’re trying to do. You want to link an object to a skinned vertex. But that vertex is skinned to the biped head, right? So why not just link your object to the biped head…?


Becouse I have morph targets for lipsync, and when my character opens mouth for let’s say “O” or “A” I want the lower teeth and a toungue follow geometry i.e lower part of the face/jaw… also when I create a morph target I want to be free to use soft selection without the fear of “catching” the theets and gums as if they were part of the head geometry…but never mind, I got myself link-o-matic plugin and it works perfectly.


attachment is a transformation controller or constraint (animation -> constraints-> attachment constrain ) U can adjust parameters in motion panel.


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