Heart & Stroke Lottery: "Launch", Richard Rosenman (3D)


Title: Heart & Stroke Lottery: “Launch”
Name: Richard Rosenman
Country: Canada
Software: 3ds max After Effects Photoshop VRay
Submitted: 15th January 2008

This recently-completed spot called “Launch” was produced by Hatch Studios Ltd. for the early 2008 Heart & Stroke Lottery. The :30 commercial features a pinball machine in which we follow the ball as it guides us through the various prizes you can win and educates the viewer about what the H&S Foundation is responsible for.

There were more than 20 different versions created for this spot, mainly to comply with the constantly changing deadline dates. In order to make this efficient for production, various scenes were developed in a manner that would allow both the insertion of such an element, and would work just as well without.

The commercial was rendered using pre-calculated irradiance maps for flicker-free global illumination output in combination with single-frame GI elements requiring motion, all of which were later composited together and color-corrected in post.

The spot was modeled, textured and animated with 3dsmax 8.0, rendered with VRay 1.5 RC3 and composited with After Effects. Photoshop was used for all the graphics and it was onlined on a Flame.

For more information, please visit the project page at:

Project credits:
Directed by Richard Rosenman
Exec. Produced by Randi Yaffa
Design by Larissa Ulisko
Design Assisting by Pantea Razzaghi
Lead Modeling / Supervising by Chris Crozier
Modeling by Raden Slipicevic, Abdul Ali Mohamud
Animation by Scott Guppy
Lighting, rendering and compositing by Richard Rosenman
Online at Relish by Patrick Coffee

Created at Hatch Studios Ltd.



great work:thumbsup:


WOW, great work!


Hey, wonderful spot!

Very well executed. I specially like the illumination and colors.



Nice work as usual. I’ll keep an eye out for the spots.



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