Heart of the Forest, Tuomas Korpi (2D)


Title: Heart of the Forest
Name: Tuomas Korpi
Country: Finland
Software: Photoshop

I tried a couple new things with this painting. It started as a revision or “new edition” of a picture I did about four years ago (the “Valley” in my CGportfolio), but in the end I went for a little more darked and more mystical atmosphere. However the overall palette and mood is pretty much the same imo.

One afternoon at work I started just doodling some trees and continued with a quick color sketch later back home. For this one I wanted to go for a little more detailed look (I had done a lot of both photo compositing and matte painting at work in past six months, so why not try some of the same tricks with this one?) but at the same time keep it painterly and not overdo the details. In my job you usually end up polishing everything in the end with a fine brush anyway so not that part too much please! :stuck_out_tongue:

I was surprised how fast the actual painting process went there on - I spent about four evenings with the painting altogether. Long evenings… :wink: Maybe there’s been some progress then?

Hope you like it and find it inspirational. I’d love to hear your comments and critique, what have you…



Beautiful Night


I like that palette, and that atmosphere you gave it gives the image a lot of depth.

Is also great how the image goes to the left so you focus on the character, and the fact that everything looks very sharp, even though it is not detailed.

and yes, it is very inspirational man



Beautiful Night

Very beautiful dream Colors in the scene are very beautiful


it is an amazing piece of art. totally new environment.it looks really mystic.


Awesome once again. I love your work.


Hello Tuomas!!

I love this painting! I’m amazed with your portfolio. All of your work breathe a fantasy atmosphere that it thrills me! Your technique and the color palette you use are always excellent.

Congratulations!! :slight_smile:


I love to see spherical shapes and when they are integrated in natural environments. You get that feeling of mysticism, magic, perfection … but it still looks natural. Very good image!


absolutely mind blowing! :buttrock:


:eek::eek::eek::drool: simple amazing


I Love This One,Very Wonderful!!


Great concept, I love it. The lighting, atmosphere and style are great, congrats :thumbsup:


Great mood. It`s so alive. Excellent work !


You have not made it easy on yourself with al the different lightsources. But you did it, and it works perfectly. Superb colourpalet. I love your work.


I Like This Color’s … Good Job …


impressive job here, I def would like the explore it more :slight_smile:


beautiful environment:)love the light and mood and the overal concept


Great atmosphere and lighting! Love colors and the theme too


Waw! very nice work!

Lighting is beautiful!
Hope to see new works from you soon


this is really amazing…good concept and i love what you did for the composition…cool!!