Healer_elf, Seok Chan-yoo (3D)


Title: Healer_elf
Name: Seok Chan-yoo
Country: Korea (South)
Software: Maya

name:Seok chan-yoo
Hofe referecce highresoulusion image&modelwire,texture under my ripple.

>> Hi resolution image <<





Excelent !!!


nice work.compliments!


Fantastic stuff - really nice character. Personally, im not keen on the whole elf thing (its been done to death) but its an amazing pic.
Great face, good materials, and nice details on the costume.
The only crits i can see is that the transparent drape could use more smoothing - i can see some poly edges, and that the whole thing seems to be glowing, which causes problems with the hair transparency.

Minor points aside, very good job, and i hope you get frontpage and an award for this - elf women are popular on this forum!


great work :thumbsup:




great work, i like the 2d feel it has…

hope you will make the image better someday, caus it could have more potentiol.

make it more special.

but looks great.


really nice work.

no crit :love:


This is awesome dude! great work! :applause:



My minor crit is, I think the skin needs some more texture. I know, it’s supposed to be flawless elv-ish skin, but still…

But definitely a great picture, it’s my new desktop pic! :smiley:


  • Jonas


amazing…with elves…its all about the ears and butt lol…jk

but its beautful…the clothes accentuate her in a very good way…just lovely


She is really beatiful. Great work. You are an artist.


Wow, this is realy nice!
i like it very much, good work :thumbsup:


i believe the neck is too thick. Also i think the feet fingers should have been given a little more detail. Other than that, awesome image.



this is which game 's character??


I really like your style, it looks fantastic!

One question: The link to the Hires only opens a korean page and I don’t know where to click to see that pic - so, where to click? :wink:


All the words have been used. So what should I say… Fantastic :thumbsup:

One crit is that the Neck is a little too thick and longer. Also up the poly count on the cloth. Other than that is is wonderful

Very awesome work.


beautiful work. :slight_smile:


how can you do that?
i love this pic!