HEADS UP: Show us your progress


Show us you progress this Friday
Think of this thread as “staff meeting”.

I just need to see how you guys are doing, before I decide what we will be doing next.



sorry for being late …
honestly … we have a very hard work these days … thats why me and Mina couldn’t do any thing in the challenge …!! :blush:

but yesterday … Mina did a test animation … to test the rig he did … and to warm up :cool:
i added this test animation in our thread …


So, here is our update:

Shading is finished, we already have a draft 01 of the terrain, i sculpted some more so it’s changed by quite a lot, but i didn’t have a working internet connection last night, to update the thread.
My colleague Badger is rigging and doing some initial walk/movement tests.
I placed my updates bellow :wink:







My Idea is a little different. before piloting a mech it has to be mounted, and before it is mounted it has to be defeated. So rather than having two giant mechs fighting against each other I have a young pilot versus a mech.

The pilot is an old unused model that I made some time ago. The mech is made up of parts of previous robots I have made in the past.

Tactical_armour by paramountcell, on Flickr

REwind_test_render copy by paramountcell, on Flickr


We were away for few days this week, so work was on hold. Here is what we have:

  1. Storyboard (half of the whole sequence is ready for animatic)
  2. Rough Environment model (with 90% of UV’s ready)

  1. Most important VFX prototypes:


  1. UV map of robot (80%)
  2. Robot rig prototype

Here is what we need to do first:

  1. Finish storyboard and produce animatic
  2. Finish UV mapping and paint texture for the robot
  3. Rig final version of the robot
  4. Model two target “dummy” robots (we might get help of another artist here :o))
  5. Paint textures for environment
  6. Animate the robot, starting with most important VFX shots
  7. VFX
  8. Lighting rendering and compositing

Here is what we would like to do if we have enough time:

  1. Add detail to environment
  2. Animate all shots in storyboard
  3. More secondary VFX
  4. Sound (we will get help of sound designer)


well I have lots of modeling as all mecha and weapons will be modeled by me. and I haven’t had any offers to join my team. but I will be using the arena model and editing it to make it look like the entire thing is enclosed. a supped up robot jok with armor a bazooka, and missile launcher all over it will try to shot lots of missiles at a high speed jok. high speed jok dodges it all so the suped up soot drops all of it’s extra gear and they charge at each other. the entire thing will be around 45 seconds. storyboards should be up in the morning.


i did some rough Animatics i was planning for story boarding but my sketching sucks and as time is also less so i had to start wid the animatics directly… these is only half of the animatics!! (staging of props is also left) sorry for the small size!


I have some new more detailed models of the riser and the control tower.

Send me a PM if any of you are interested.


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