Heading South, Olivier Vernay-Kim (3D)


Title: Heading South
Name: Olivier Vernay-Kim
Country: USA
Software: 3ds max, mental ray, Photoshop, Terragen

Originally a shot I did for a Fable 2 cinematic at Blur Studio.
I liked the subject of a quiet winter scene at sunset, so I wanted to go a little bit further by adding some more details and atmosphere.

Rendered in Mental Ray, sky made with Terragen 2, foreground trees are from Xfrog, other ones are from TreeStorm (mostly opacity maps), birds from a photograph and re-arranged for composition.

Any critique welcome.


Fantastic image composition and lighting! I bet the cinematic was superb :slight_smile: Well done!


stunning work, nice colors and mood. but for to be a winter scene i think that a more brighter scene would be better, my personal opinion, great work


outstanding quality! awesome work!


GRATE ,Amazing


Awesome work!!
Great composition, lighting, colors, artwork and atmosphere. I don’t think it should be brighter, I think you have wonderfully captured the mood of a winter sunset in the country. Would have liked a bigger scale image though to look at all the details and enjoy your artwork all the more. But nevermind, it is an outstanding work. Congratulations and thanks for sharing!! Keep up the good work!

Edit : Zokana is right, it is true that it could also be morning… Anyway, it’s magnificent!!


Great stuff :slight_smile: I don’t think the scene should be brighter. I really like the contrast of the scene.


lol, looks like a photo! Excellent work!


Excellent work on this romantic landscape! Details and lighting are superb.(guess it’s a morning scenery, showing those cranes migrating towards south - possibly a bit blown out of the water by the snow)
A dreamy scenery! 5*


Great work!
Love the atmosphere.


Fantastic image. I loved it. Please post wireframe, I would like to see it.


Wow! Absolute fantastic work!
The Lighting, composition and this great depth effect.
Love it!

Regards, B3liar


stunning image, the lighting is superb and the details are just amazing! . Can you post a wireframe please?


Amazing work. Lifelike… U guys at blur got rly huge brains o.o


Amazing work. Lifelike… U guys at blur got rly huge brains o.o


Wonderfull :slight_smile:


Stunning stuff, quality in all aspects


Great work :bowdown:


Excellent work. :thumbsup:
Really well done.


wow :eek:
amazing lighting