head vray skin test


“Can I just ask why you have made the reflection map purple coloured?”

why not ? :slight_smile:

i made it purple, but it depend of the tone shading you want for your final render of your skin. it cool be yellow, red, blue or any other color you want. but yes it’s to purple for this one.



Hi Marc,

Excellent shader by the way.

I tried a few different colours for the reflection map, some worked some didn’t.

I rendered out a 100 frame revolve of the head, it flickered alot! I think this is down to the noise map…any suggestions to fix this?

I am getting a bit confused by what your maps are exactly contributing, can you describe each map for us, and say what it does? I wanted to try and make the skin look more shiny and sweaty, but not sure where to start?

One more question, because I am learning, Why have you not got a typical ‘spec’ map eg. A hard black and white map extra white around the nose, lips, eyes and forehead?

Thanks for all your help



hey I love that skin mine is nearly there but takes forever to render, do you have a copy of that file that will work in max 8. or maybe just the vray mat? looks great. I think i could get a good few tips from it.


Hi visionmaster2 !!
I can’t open your file, can you tell me where to put the sss map ???
Thanks !!:thumbsup:


thank you all !!

PasKal and Lman
Here is the .mat file for max8 ( hope it’s ok )

fleety, i made some speed animation test and dont have any flik problem.
ill post the screen capt of the rendering spec.
for the decription of the map…hum hum…think i must go back to school and learn more my english… the best way for you to understand how it is made is : render region :scream: and time:)

thank you :wink:


Thanks Marc

I will look forward to seeing your render settings



Thanks Marc I look forward to having a look at your file,

I will let you know if I use it in any pictures or maybe adaptions of it,
thanks again mate keep it up.
your really good with this skin stuff your a dermatological genius. :wink:


here is my little test with vrayfastsss


Very helpful thread.

Thanks for all guys.


sorry for bumping old thread

here little test with VrayMtl


these are some awesome skins tests. thanks for the files


Awsome file, been struggeling with this for a while. Rendering now with max 2008 no problems, and also quite fast!

Thank you so very much for sharing this. BTW wonderfull work.:bowdown:

Cheerio Chris.


Great work, Marc.

I currently try a similiar approach in VrayforC4D and other render-engines and your work is very inspiring.
Thank you.


Here are some results with VrayforC4d.

The shader-setup in C4d is quite different and not perfect yet, but I think I am on the right way:


Here is a close-up:

and here a second one:


Wow, RK Art, any way you could up a screen shot of how you have done he vray c4d skin shader. I have had a play but the style of yours is juicy, perfect.

Great job mate


cool rendering


[left]Hi, thanks to Marc for his model and settings. I made some changes to the original textures and add other derivatives. After making various combinations of materials I prefer the combination of a vraymt and vraysfastsss in a material vray2sideMt. Illuminated with a HDRI, vraylights for reflections and a vraysun. Sorry for my bad English[/left]
[left] [/left]
[left]( Hola, gracias a marc por su modelo y parametros. Hice ciertas variaciones a las texturas originales y agregue otras derivadas. Despues de hacer distintas combinaciones de materiales yo prefiero la combinación de un vraymt y un vraysfastsss en un material vray2sideMt. Iluminado con un hdri, vraylights para reflecciones y un vraysun. Disculpen por my mal ingles)[/left]


lot of cool stuff in this thread …would keep an eye as i am slowly starting to use max again


Is the thread on the new approached posted?


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