head vray skin test


hi, i am working on a new character, and i test some skin with vray.
there are a lot of works to finish here…the eyes, the eyelashes, the clothes etc…and i will working it in zbrush to complete the modeling.


WOW post up the mat or mat settings for the skin i’ve been trying so hard to get good skin in vray but no can do so i went back to mental ray and that doesn’t let me render hair


i am working on a tutorial and i ll post some update tounight.

there is no problem with hair in mental ray !


i keep gettin an error that i don’t have enouh memory which i’ve not experienced untill i started messing with SSS and i have 3 GB of ram so i doubt that’s the case. but yea post up that tutorial


Nice skin! On the character i really like the nose. Not to fond of the ears though. Mouth and eyes could use some more definition maybe and reference, the don’t look as natural as the nose feature, I understand it’s not realistic anatomy, but still I miss some eyelid and lip definition.

Would be glad to see your skin setup really like the GI in vray, (better then in MR for me) but controlling and setting up materials is an whole different story.

Hope to see an update!


thank you Roman ! your " boxeur Feminin " is amazinggg !:scream:

i updated some mesh in zbrush, reworked the skin and testing it with another hdr.( need to corrext some stretching uv’s )
i must add a face light to cover the sss on the nose and ears.
when i finish this picture i will share the shader.



Really changing where you were going. It’s a more mature and human character now, for me he has something of a french male. Whats your plan with him, maybe it’s more easy to c&c then. Looks good thoug, mouth and eyes are better now!


Thank you Roman ! to be honest, i am just playing with this head…with no plan for it.
here a little lowrez pict with no color correction


Very good work!
What kind of Vray version is it? I can’t make yet realistic skin with vray…


Man… your skin shader is awsome! I never get a great skin shader with Vray!
Congratulation man… your’s is really good!!

Please share this to the community… your the first one to get it wright… everybody will remember you if you share this… me the first…

Nice stuff man! :wink:


yea love the skin shader however i asked first so me first! :slight_smile:


Definetly awesome skin. Can’t wait to see more progress. Kudos.


Thank you all

i think i will make a lotery on ebay :scream:

here is a closup of the shader. ( no displacement map, and perhaps to much bump…) sampling medium.


Nice model but there seems to be a bump on the top part of the head good skin though.
By the way unknowngod430 you can render hair in mental ray if you start a new scene and set the render to mental ray then use the hair plugin to make the hair from scratch, if you import hair from another scene without that setting it wont work.


thank you hoodedpython.but what…a bump ? where do you see bump ? :slight_smile: he’s got a hat !

another test, with the same hdri but 2 transformations in photohop.
automatic color level and a black mask.
and No…he dont smoke a sausage :smiley:
i cut the hand from masha’s model with a big push option on it. ill zbrush them later with the bump head.
the mesh are not smoothed and the sampling is on medium.
26mn rendering in 1200/1000


another update.


another one in low res


Lookin really cool man, keep it going! :scream:


thank you :wink:

littles modifications in zbrush. “hair” test done in photoshop.