hey guys, I am taking a 3D modeling class right now. and I am not the best artist but we are suppoesed to find a character head to model it can’t be a human head though. I was going to see if anyone want to donate me a head or a creature, they have draw in a front and a profile perspective, for my first ever modeling assignment. I will not be using it again expect for this assignment.

So if anyone has any wacky creature heads they would like to let me model i would appericate it. I will post the final 3d model for whoever donates it to me when I am done. I would like to have both views for ease of modeling for me to learn better.

Thanks alot cgtalk boys.


If the head can be humaniod you can use the ref. pics given for the head tutorial at thehobbitguy.com.


One good source of head reference is http://www.fineart.sk/ . Check out the “Send Us Your Head” feature. The reference is free.

Also If you want full body reference, look into “The Figure on CD .”


Check this thread it has some good links:


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