Head Proportions mistakes


Hi everyone,

Till now i’ve only modelled hard surface stuff in Maya, but I’d really like getting into Charactermodelling. Zbrush seems to be the right choice for that, I’ve already become familiar with its tools and also watched a dvd “Anatomy for artists”. But i definitly don’t get it right, as you can see :frowning: Made a view sketches before and the “problem zones” seem to be always the same.
Of course, more studies are necessary! No question… But I really would appreciate some advice from you experienced artists on what I should focus next.
From seeing the side-view it’s probably pretty clear in which direction this sculpt should go: A bit cartoonlike or not sure how to call that.
Did you also have this trouble, that a head you modelled has a total different apperience from side view in contrast to the front view?
I think the eyes part and the overall head proportions are the main issues. Can you give me some tipps here? Or some lecture tipps? Or maybe an overpaint of my renderings above to show “that shape should be like that”? :slight_smile:

Thanks thousand times for any advice!


If you just started then try and stay away from cartoon heads. Get a front view and side view and place that on your desktop, make zbrush transparent and use the images underneath as reference. The biggest challenge in the beginning is to model attractive people as trying to be stylized or model wobbly old figures can be a cop out. Once you can model an attractive figure you can model whatever you want.


If you scale it down without proportions, wouldn’t that fix the problem regarding the long face?


I’ll bet you spent most of your time in the viewport looking strait on to this model. Turn your model around while sculpting, look from the top, bottom, 3/4 views, spin it around. And, swapping to different materials in Zbrush help as well, just to make sure your eye, and then your hand continue to evaluate the form.