Head / Neck - Post Your Head / Neck Studies - 2D / 3D TRADITIONAL AND DIGITAL



This thread is dedicated to the study of THE HEAD AND NECK in 2D / 3D TRADITIONAL AND DIGITAL MEDIA.

Please post your best HEAD AND NECK STUDIES here!

[u]Please post:[/u]

[b][/b]1. Your BEST WORK!
2. Medium used
3. Time spent to complete
4. A bit about your process

Thanks in advance for your posts! :slight_smile:



8b pencil .paper (i think it was a2)
about 270 minutes


nice work snus



Such expressive features here! I especially love the eyes ~ they reveal great emotional depth.
I also like that you’ve drawn the mass of the skull before placing the hair on top ~ this is an important step which most beginning artists forget.

Thanks for posting your drawing and kicking off this thread! Hope to see more of your work :slight_smile:



I must agree… This is extremely believeable. I think the eyes and the mouth are quite expressive here and i wish that my drawing talents allowed this kind of reality in my art. Very good stuff here.



Pencil and Paper
did this one in the Figure Drawing Class. One of my first life drawing portraits.
I need to do more.


Goro! You have managed to faithfully reproduce here the exact likeness of my high school art teacher ~ telepathy is amazing! In fact, he is wearing the exact worried expression that my teacher would have on his face when contemplating my future ~ wow!

Thanks for posting this, it brings back some fond memories! :slight_smile:



he he cool glad I could bring back some memories!
Here is another one.

pencil on paper
1 hour
This is another guy. Maybe you know him too :wink:


Hmm, this guy doesn’t look like anyone I know…my uncle, circa early 1990’s, maybe? I dunno… :wink:

Thanks for posting this! It’s great to see everyone’s work! :slight_smile:



an anatomy study, trying to teach myself the underlying muscle systems:

Time: 20 minutes
Medium: Black Pilot P-500 series pen
Method: Using a few different anatomy books as general reference


I just finished this yesterday and it’s the first part of my “turning forty” personal project.
Photo ref used (Ana somebody) Photoshop 5 hours @ 400x400 300dpi.


Cool beans, Kirt! :slight_smile: ~ I really like the face, particularly the eyes ~ what else does the “turning 40” project entail? And can you post the project here? :slight_smile:



Glad you like it Rebecca :smiley:

The turning forty thing is just a way for me to get 40 illustrations cranked out before my 40th Birthday. I’m doing a series of illustrations and amusing (I hope) writings in regards to the age of 40. They are to be tiled together randomly into a 8x5 grid (3200x2000 @300dpi) and hopefully create an interesting image together … suitable for poster print.

You can see how it’s all coming together & check my “over the hill” clock, by visiting my website (www.kirtstanke.com) or clicking the “turning forty” link in my signature.

I just started this the other day, so don’t expect much right now. Over time it’ll grow into much more.


Cool idea! I think I might do a new series…“Turning Nine”. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!
:scream: Well, okay, maybe that IS indicative of my maturity level… :smiley:

This will be really cool to watch! Thanks for posting! :slight_smile:



so here´s my try …

medium: pencil KOH-I-NOOR (B)
image completition time: I believe it was done during one day
process: nothing special

real size: A4
reference image: Anatomy for the Artist (page 48)

I have also drawn a head from life, but it was my first try to draw from life model and it ain´t too good so I hope I will have opportunity to draw from life model again soon and post something better.

Thanks for taking a look.

  • excuse my english -



that’s a cool idea, you should put up a guestbook or something of the sort. I bet you’ll get some interesting responses. :slight_smile: Like, how about 25 year old med students chatting up 15 year old ‘strays’ in bars and ending up sleeping on the pavement. Age, at least, grants you the wisdom of getting drunk without anyone knowing it. Except maybe the wife and maid, if you last the night or fall asleep on the couch.



Simple ballpoint pen (bic black pen), time : +/- 2 h.
See my two last posts for technical explanations about ballpoint pen =

An accident with some water drops on my paper
explains the irregular lines/figures on the face (at right),
but this accident makes an interesting effect.


Head study
Pencils b2 till b8, a3 paper
i think around 5 a 6 hours, i work too slow :wink:
mostly focused on shading, many anatomical errors



Very nice, sensitive drawing…I hope you post more of your work! :slight_smile:


Beautiful linework!! Thanks for posting this! :slight_smile:


Great stuff ~ good to see you on the forum! :slight_smile:



Found this, quite old