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[b]Hi there

I’m quiet new to 3d graphics, I’m still learning the ways of modelling.
Trying to model some human head, need help, because don’t know how to make it more realistic (too early to use mapping, I only want to make the model look more human only with modelling)
I was using Blender, here are 2 fast renders and 2 wires.

Thanks for helping and commenting



Hey there buddy. Saw your thread and thought I’d check it out. I’m modelling a human head as well at the moment and learning along the way so I’m not gonna be the best for help but thought I’d reply anyhow.

Here’s my thread.

Are you working from reference at all? You want to try and study the face of who you are modelling real closely. I’ve taken loads of photos of the guy I’m modelling and found that it really helps.

At the moment I’d say some of your proportions are a bit wrong. Take a look at this pic, it’s great for reference.


No matter that you’re learning, I’m learning too, so there’s no problem.

I had only 1 photo (front look), so it was very hard to move those verticles along the 3rd axis :slight_smile: From the front view the proportions were nearly exact as the reference image.

Hmmm, never really though of studying the face :smiley: this is only a test, I’m gonna to have some more photos of another person, then I will start my real issues :DD in this thread I would like to receive advices on how to perform better cuts and sizing of all parts of the face and adjusting the depth of the face

thx for that image, I think I’m gonna use some of it’s aspects in the future, but don’t think that eyes should be so big. :))


I think that it’s no point in continuing this thread, because I downloaded some references an started again with a blank screen.

here’s the thread:

Female Head Model - Jayn


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