head crits needed Please


Female heads seem to be my biggest challenge very delicate this will go on a practice model i psted in a earleir thread it will replace the first as i didnt like the results im happier with this but still a wip and could use some advice or opinions if anyone would care to crit the ! so far just the face and head are complete ears and neck next


You’ve really captured a feminine look to her, well done.

I think the 3/4 view needs some work though. Front and side look great. I’d pull the cheeks out just a little, so she doesn’t look too anorexic, and slightly widen the front of the jaw.

And watch those nascent horns. Pull the side points of the top of her forehead in a bit.



Ears are a tad small, other than that, I’m in love with her


Cool … :thumbsup:
Great neck details … I don’t think that u need to tweak some thing (depending on this pics ) Can u post bigger one (more close up) ?


Nice model, really. :slight_smile:

Keep on.


huh,…wait an f*n minute! That bar on the bottom of the interface,…Is that the stock L7.5 interface? what the hell?


Nice Model:) Keep updating.
Maybe you should change a little the bottom lips corner.
Great anyway!


Thanks all !

Kretin I agre was thinking she was looking rather thin myself ill get on that i softened the neck a lil casue i think that was contributing to the thin look

eugeny sorry bout the small pic i have to use atachments as i cant update my 3d luvr site at the moment (too bad need to get rid of the crap on it ) ;)heres a single view a lil bigger

The ears are still bieng worked on and they are alot of fun to atach really i mean they are fun! :wink:




their neck muscles are too evident… you’re not so contracted in a natural position


Looks pretty good to me. If I had to make some crits I’d recommend taking a look at the side view where the lower chin transitions to the neck. It seems a bit too cut (or sharp) giving a rather too muscular or athletic look especially given the well defined and sharp edged jaw line. The lower cheeks (the hollow of the cheeks) also appear a little too thin and might look a bit healthier if they were given a just a slight bit more meat.

Of course if that was the effect you were going for then fawgedabout all my nit picking and proceed on to the hair and make up department.



LOL all nitpicking welcome ! it helps me to see what to focus on the most i agree with both comments the neck is to tense looking agian ill soften it and tweek the cheeks though i do want to keep the jawline rather defned but it could be looked at thanks guys


Originally posted by smfjersey
huh,…wait an f*n minute! That bar on the bottom of the interface,…Is that the stock L7.5 interface? what the hell?

I’m with you…what the hell…?:shrug:


Yes sorry missed that the bar is something i customize depending on what im modeling its in your menu set up normaly i use my mouse and 4 keys on the keybard eveything else (tools linked to my mouse about 14 keys i think i just put the few i use very seldom on the bottom bar when im lazy !


Ok took some of the suggestions and applied them in small amounts heres a lil more developed look of her just added unfineshed headress and starting body (trying to avoid finishing ears LOL )


Here eyes don’t look very realistic! ;->

Sorry couldn’t resist a little sarcasim!

Very nice work!

See ya,
Philip Nelson


Whoa, now you’re an animal! :eek: :thumbsup:


Problem is, now no one is looking at the face! Damn, that’s some firm breastage!

Nice job! Main crit is that the upper eyelid appears to be a little bulgy, like a blister or something.


P Nelson wait to you see the legs and ass ! talk about unrealistic LOL :wink:


Wow, she’s coming along really nicely. I love what you’ve done with the neck, and the torso is great so far. Only thing… watch your proportions, the torso is looking too big for the head at the moment.