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sIBL_GUI 4.0.0 Alpha For Windows, Linux And Mac Os X


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HDRLabs, Christian and myself are happy ( And proud :slight_smile: ) to announce that after more than 7 months of intense and hard work, lost hairs, etc … sIBL_GUI 4 is finally out!

With over 1250 commits, this release is certainly sIBL_GUI biggest and most important one. Virtually every line of code has been affected in a way or another. sIBL_GUI weights now nearly 60000 lines ( 25000 logic code lines / 35000 code documentation lines ).

* * * Important Notices * * *

“sIBL_GUI 4.0.0” preferences are now stored per version in a directory following this structure : “./HDRLabs/sIBL_GUI/$MAJOR_VERSION.$MINOR_VERSION”.

Previous Maya, Softimage / XSI and 3dsMax Helper Scripts are not compatible with sIBL_GUI 4.0.0 and need to be updated if you use them.

Here are some visible highlights:

[li] New unified dark themed Ui.
[/li][li] New Inspect layout to browse your collections using large images preview.
[/li][li] New “Edit” layout featuring Umbra Script Editor to interact directly with sIBL_GUI and the various resources files.
[/li][li] Support for Ibl Sets plates has been added, although not in Templates yet.
[/li][li] Startup speed has been dramatically increased ( Between 4 to 6 times faster, the first launch sIBL_GUI will have to compile the bytecode and will be a bit slower to start ).
[/li][li] Templates settings are now stored / restored for each template.
[/li][li] Maya templates have been ported to Python and feature a cleaner code.
[/li][li] 3dsMax and Softimage / XSI templates have been refactored and feature a cleaner code.
[/li][li] 64bit release.
[/li][li] The Api has been added using Sphinx documentation system: http://kelsolaar.hdrlabs.com/sIBL_GUI/Support/Documentation/Api/index.html

I have much more good stuff planned, stay tuned :slight_smile:

Here are some screenshots of the new Ui:

[left]sIBL_GUI - Sets Centric Layout[/left]

[left]sIBL_GUI - Inspect Centric Layout[/left]

[left]sIBL_GUI - Edit Centric Layout[/left]

[left]sIBL_GUI - Templates Centric Layout[/left]

[left]sIBL_GUI - Preferences Centric Layout[/left]

And for the full Change Log:

[li] sIBL_GUI is now built around Umbra: https://github.com/KelSolaar/Umbra
[/li][li] sIBL_GUI now features a refreshed new dark Ui theme with new logo, splashscreen and more!
[/li][li] x64 is the default new sIBL_GUI architecture, there won’t be anymore support for x86.
[/li][li] sIBL_GUI 4.x.x preferences a now stored per version in “./HDRLabs/sIBL_GUI/$MAJOR_VERSION.$MINOR_VERSION” directory.
[/li][li] A new “Inspect” layout has been implemented, it makes use of the new “PREVIEWfile” attribute of .ibl files and allows you to browse your collections using large preview images.
[/li][li] A new “Edit” layout has been implemented, it features Umbra Script Editor component and allows you to directly edit Ibl Sets or Templates files and interact with sIBL_GUI.
[/li][li] Support for Ibl Sets plates has been added (Templates don’t create them in scenes yet).
[/li][li] Major parts of the underlying architecture have been rewrote for better evolutivity and feature a cleaner code base.
[/li][li] Startup speed has been dramaticaly increased (Non frozen application version is more than 4 times faster).
[/li][li] sIBL_GUI can be toggled to fullscreen using the related option in the “Custom_Layouts” menu.
[/li][li] A patches mechanism has been implemented to allow migrations between sIBL_GUI versions.
[/li][li] The “logginWindow” component has been replaced by the “scriptEditor” component that allows direct interaction with sIBL_GUI.
[/li][li] The “databaseBackup” component has been integrated into the “db” component.
[/li][li] A database migration mechanism has been implemented using SQLAlchemy Migrate, it should allow database structure manipulation for future releases.
[/li][li] A new “databaseOperations” component has been introduced to allow manual database synchronization.
[/li][li] Adding / Renaming a collection using an empty name was possible, this incorrect behavior has been fixed.
[/li][li] A “Logging Formatter” preferences option has been added, allowing to choose between different logging formatters.
[/li][li] Added support for Templates strings: “nodePrefix = @nodePrefix | Prefix | String | Node Prefix”.
[/li][li] Added “-f / --loggingFormatter” command line parameter allowing logging formatter choice.
[/li][li] Added “-x / --startupScript” command line parameter allowing execution of an user script on startup.
[/li][li] Added “-t / --deactivateWorkerThreads” command line parameter allowing Worker Threads deactivation.
[/li][li] Renamed “-s / --noSplashScreen” command line parameter to “-s / --hideSplashScreen”.
[/li][li] Package directories structure has been deeply reorganized.
[/li][li] Documentation has been updated and converted from textile to reStructuredText and is available in different flavors:
[/li][li] Sphinx documentation with chapters and API.
[/li][li] Inline monolitic file for HDRLabs.com.
[/li][li] A “defaultScript.py” file is provided to showcase a few high level API features.
[/li][li] Templates settings are now stored / restored in preferences folder for each template release.
[/li][li] Most Maya templates have been ported toward Python for better maintainability and performance.
[/li][li] 3dsMax and Softimage / XSI templates have been refactored for better maintainability.
[/li][li] Most Templates allows the user to define the prefix the setup will use for better customization.
[/li][li] The Maya, 3dsMax, Softimage / XSI helper scripts have been refactored to be inline with sIBL_GUI 4.0.0 release.
[/li][li] A donations page has been added and is available here: http://kelsolaar.hdrlabs.com/sIBL_GUI/Support/Donations/Make_A_Donation.html

Maya, Softimage / XSI and 3dsMax Helper Scripts have been respectively refactored, updated and are available here:

With this release I decided to add a donation page so that if you like the software and think it’s worth something you can contribute to it’s development: http://kelsolaar.hdrlabs.com/sIBL_GUI/Support/Donations/Make_A_Donation.html

Here is the related developpement thread : http://www.hdrlabs.com/cgi-bin/forum/YaBB.pl?num=1271609371/

And HDRLabs Website Url : http://www.hdrlabs.com/


[li] Windows: http://kelsolaar.hdrlabs.com/?dir=./sIBL_GUI/Repository/Builds/Windows/Nightly
[/li][li] Mac Os X: http://kelsolaar.hdrlabs.com/?dir=./sIBL_GUI/Repository/Builds/Darwin/Nightly

Voila :slight_smile:




This looks really good!:bowdown: Is there any chance of Blender support coming?


Definitely considered since Cycles renderer has been integrated :slight_smile:



Awesome! Looking forward to that. Why is this application free btw?



Well I never wanted to receive money for something I’m doing on my free time and I would unable to provide a quality support :slight_smile: Although there is a donation page now :slight_smile:
If it was to have a price, certainly less of people would use it resulting in an inferior quality product because of a lack of feedback.
In a similar fashion the same question could be asked about the fact it’s Open Source ( https://github.com/KelSolaar/sIBL_GUI ). Although nobody really directly contributed to sIBL_GUI itself, a lot of people helped on its Templates, providing me fixes / updates and suggestions, which should be hard without an access to the code source :).

Voila :slight_smile:



I just checked out your Resume and portfolio. Really impressive both as a programmer and an artist! Do you have a twitter/googleplus account that I could follow?


Thanks kel .
It would be geate if you add a support for Vray for softimage .


Cheers :slight_smile:

I have no twitter account and I don’t really use the googleplus one :slight_smile:

I have planned to add support for Blender Cycles, Arnold for Maya and VRay for Softimage :slight_smile: Although I can’t really give an ETA.

Some users reported issues with the Windows installer, I rebuilt one using another tool and it should fix any problems.




Looks like a fantastic update. I am really hoping to see a Lightwave update as well :smiley: sIBL and VPR are already a match made in heaven.

Again, hats off on some fantastic work!




I just released updated Lightsmith Ibl Sets and their Templates, you can grab the Templates using sIBL_GUI Online Updater and the Lightsmith Ibl Sets here: http://kelsolaar.hdrlabs.com/?dir=./sIBL_GUI/Repository/Sets/Lightsmith

Christian will upload them in HDRLabs Collection later.

Voila :slight_smile:




If you have 30 seconds: http://kelsolaar.polldaddy.com/s/sibl-gui-3d-softwares-usage-survey

Cheers for your time :slight_smile:



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