HDRI render - XSI


Well I just followed the tutorial in you site Ed, for HDRI renderings. I dunno if I-m doing something wrong, but my images lacks color… it seems like I just get a “nomal” final gathering render, and don-t really have the color nuances.

I used the “The Uffizi Gallery, Florence” Probe image from Debevec’s site (http://www.debevec.org/Research/HDR/)

I tryied other probe images (with more colors on them), but all my renders seem to be in black and white. Am I doing something wrong? plz help! :smiley:

this is the pic I did with the Uffizi Gallery HDRI Probe image:

I was curious about HDRI, that-s why I’m making these tests, if u guys have other tutorial links, or info related to HDRI plz let me know! :slight_smile:



ooppss… made a mistake with the image link… here it is:



sorry guys… hope this one works… dunno why the other doesn-t work, i-ll try again… one last time…

if it doesn-t work plz try this link:


damn… sorry about the broken links… je ne comprend pas :smiley:



try to connect image to “color” node (not just to radience). I’m playing with HDRI too, but I can’t correctly map HDR (*.map) image on the sphere :confused: I get some black spots on it. What projection do you use?


Hi Barracuda! thnxs for the reply… well I-m going to test right now what u told me (plug it into color also).

I’m using Spherical Projection…

I’ll keep you informed if it worxs! :slight_smile:


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