HDRI + remapHSV


Hi there,

I want to use an exr HDRI with a remapHSV node to increase the saturation.

However the remapHSV node is then limiting the exr to a value of 1 thus discarding all the HDR information.

How does one find the value of the HDRI and set it as the output or even better bypass the remap HSV’s value?


imf_disp or Nuke will give you pixel values when you mouse over them.

It’s easy if you have access to Nuke. Is there a reason you need more saturation that can’t be handled in post for the render itself?


thanks Bitter, imf_disp should do the trick.

I’m lighting my scene via a dome light in V-Ray. it is a dusk scene and just wish to increase the blueness/purple of the scene. I probably could do it in post though. Cheers.


and if you override GI with blueness?


this particular hdri still has a nice warm sun in it so I do not wish to lose it if I override the colour, just want to increase the saturation. :slight_smile:


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