Hdri light rig import consistency


If I’m using other applications like blender, Maya, iclone, or even cinema 4d, and I use an hdri lighting rig, how or what steps can I use to ensure the results are consistant.


have you experienced inconsistency? post some pics if you can

make sure the hdri is imported as the same color space (usually linear srgb/rec709)
make sure the rendering space are the same (usually linear srgb/rec709, but if you are using ACES would be ACEScg)
make sure the view transform is the same (usually by default srgb, but if you are using ACES, the srgb view transform is very different from regular srgb. Also, blender filmic is different [i believe it’s a emulation of ACES output srgb but with linear srgb/rec709 as input, i could be wrong])


Try to get them close, but don’t worry about them being exact - it’ll be much easier to get to them match in post.