HCR_Modelling Challenge: A Gears LAV_Tank


Hello everybody,
I’m a newbie to this space and this is my very first challenge; exciting stuff!
So, for this task I’ve decided to create an original concept based on the Gears of War games; I’ve started off by looking at Epic Games artistic style to attempt to create an LAV_Tank which looks like it sits with the rest of the Gears of War assets.
I started last Friday and have only just got around to posting my WIP. So far the model has been blocked and I’m working on refining smaller details. I hope I can get this done in time for the deadline!! (See the attached links for my pics).




Dont be mad but the challenge is for movie/tv wheels vehicules… not from games


The very first sentence of the thread reads, “Model an Iconic wheeled Vehicle from Film,TV or Gaming.” plus one of the examples listed is Mario Kart. So hopefully this should be okay to submit.


Gaming is kosher…
Have fun.



Shan, you need to post all of your updates to this thread. Don’t create a new one every time you update your WIP.


Sorry, rookie mistake, I’ll update my thread now :slight_smile: Cheers!


Hi guys,

Notes on board: I’ve just updated this post with my final render (sorry for spamming you with WIPs).
I realise a lot of people used the brief to create something in existing film space whilst I may have gone off on a bit of tangent building my own concept, but I would really value your feedback and thoughts on this one.

Looking forward to seeing your outcomes!


I’d scrap the camo and do a more traditional color scheme, like a gunmetal gray with some accent coloring/lighting, but right now it seems to detract from the final composition. Since this is a GoW based vehicle, take a look at the armor and it’s coloring in the series and try to replicate it maybe?


Thanks for the feedback Ben. Good point, I agree, the camouflage detracts from the concept looking like it belongs in a Gears of War game!


You got a great entry!
Time to post:
HCR Modeling #46: Movie Wheels Tribute! Post your FINAL image
Post your Final Entry!