Most Faithful Entry: Trenox
Best WIP thread: DDS
Best Bust: Drossxyu
Best Model Colelction: Agostinuke
Best Diorama: Simjoy
Best Model: Trenox
Best Overall Entry: Trenox


Wow, it truly would be an understatement to say that this was a tough competition to vote on! Hell, it was even tough to vote for “Best WIP thread.” Some really splendid outcomes.

* [u]Most Faithful Entry[/u]: Søren Andersen – Trenox – Robocop 2/Cain. 

* [u]Best WIP thread[/u]: Søren Andersen – Trenox – Robocop 2/Cain. 

* [u]Best Bust[/u]: Frank Grecco (drossxyu) - Johnny 5

* [u]Best Model Collection[/u]: Max Chan – sapiens – Mcquarrie R2D2 & C3PO. 

* [u]Best Diorama[/u]: Simon Joyce – simjoy – T2 HK Tank

* [b][u]Best Model[/u][/b]: Søren Andersen – Trenox – Robocop 2/Cain.

* [b][u]Best Overall Entry[/u][/b]: Søren Andersen – Trenox – Robocop 2/Cain.

Notes and notables: 

Søren Andersen – Trenox – Robocop 2/Cain. Excellent observation skills. This artist took on a daunting subject to model and did it with spectacular results. Got everything right, from the basic shapes and forms to the smaller, finer details. If the original model makers of Cain were to see this digital representation, I’m sure they’d approve of and appreciate it.

Frank Grecco – drossxyu – Johnny 5. Incredible amounts of detail all around. The fact that this artist chose to shade and composite it into a real setting truly made it shine above the rest. Had he decided to do a full body – with the same attention to detail in modeling and shading as the head – it probably would have been the best overall entry (although, best model would still go to Trenox for all out complexity). 

Landis R. Fields – Landis – Matrix Sentinel. While I don’t personally think this as complex as Cain (granted, one could argue with the Sentinel’s little claws), the artist did a very well job capturing the likeness, but made it better by taking it one step further by rigging it and putting the model in a dynamic pose. Prop’s for putting up turntables in 1080p high-definition! 

ANasir's bust of Brent Spiner as Data. In terms of modeling, the likeness is surprisingly decent. I feel, however, that the textures, lighting, and shading are the weakest aspect and, thus, hurt the overall look of the model. Since there are no clay shaded renders, it makes it even more difficult to tell how much better the model alone would look.

Joanne Garcia – lucycat – Johnny 5. Almost completely overshadowed by drossxyu’s own Johnny 5 model, I believe Joanne’s model holds up very well. The only problem I see is that this artist used low quality, low resolution, and flat shaded renders which, IMO, didn’t help sell the model enough.

Sapiens – Max Chen – Original R2D2 & C-3PO. Even though this artist took a subject/model that has been done to death and beaten by a horse a million times, he did something unique instead by using the original designs by Ralph McQuarrie. Interesting concept and nicely executed.

Major prop’s and excellent job to all who participated!


I have just one vote, hope it’s ok:

Best model: ROBOCOP 2 by Trenox

In fact I should say best everything …:cool:
Because Trenox chose a very (the most) complex subject and perfectly made a 3D model gorgeously accurate.:applause:


Most Faithful Entry: Roman Reiner - Kenbishi Standard Light Weight Tank
Best WIP thread: Trevor Hennington - Motoko Kusanagi
Best Bust: Frank Grecco - Johnny 5 [Short Circuit] Bust
Best Model Collection: Anon kleiderman - Castle In the Sky Laputa
Best Diorama: Frank Grecco - Johnny 5 [Short Circuit] Bust
Best Model: Roman Reiner - Kenbishi Standard Light Weight Tank
Best Overall Entry: Roman Reiner - Kenbishi Standard Light Weight Tank


-Most Faithful Entry ----- Trenox (MK-2 Robocop 2)
-Best WIP thread --------- Albert Feliu Gomis (Gits Batou)
-Best Bust --------------- Drossxyu (Johnny 5)
-Best Model Collection — sapienz (C3PO and R2D2)
-Best Diorama ------------ Drossxyu (Johnny 5)

-Best Model -------------- Albert Feliu Gomis (Gits Batou)
-Best Overall Entry ------ Lukavi (Motoko Kusanagi)


Guys you got 24 hours from the time of this post to vote…



Most Faithful Entry: Lukavi
Best WIP thread: DDS
Best Bust: DrossXYU
Best Model Collection: Zikeo
Best Diorama: Zikeo
Best Model: Murks
Best Overall Entry: Trenox


Thanks to all who participated on our last mini challenge.

Hope to see you here next week for out next Challenge:
[color=darkorange]SPORTS ICON
OK we have the winners:
[li]MOST FAITHFULL ENTRY[/li][color=darkorange]Landis R. Fields IV(Landis)Sentinel


Software used:
Maya, Mental Ray, Photoshop

I would like to just say that everyones entries turned out great. Thanks to those of you who stopped by my thread and supported me throughout the challenge, I truly appreciate it. This was not only an entertaining and inspirational challenge but an excellent training excercise at that. Take care everyone and good luck!

Landis -19
Trenox- 10
Lukavi -2
DrossXYU - Johnny-5 Bust -4
rockstarkate -2
Simjoy’s Hunter Killer-2
Ellon -2
Shocklate -1
Roman Reiner - Kenbishi Standard Light Weight Tank| -1
corpsebunny - TikTok -1
farazmobin -1
Aishath Nasir (Anasir) -1

[li]Best WIP thread[/li][/ul]

Albert Feliu Gomis(DDS ) Batou


Congrats to everyone that made it!

I’m happy to say…this is my first model that was done entirely in Zbrush, no other app has been used at any point except for photoshop for compositing the beauty render. I could also experiment with hard surfaces. A good learning experience, although mixed with my moving out of India for some time (and partying is necessary), so I only worked a few (5-6) nights on it.

If you are interested on a walkthrough of this character, you can see video recordings of all the work I did on it in the wip thread. So far only the head is ready to watch but I’m planning on finalizing the whole body in a few days. Gotta say I finished half the character last night so the upcoming videos might not be too educational for some people.
Albert Feliu Gomis (Gits Batou) DDS -23
Landis -10
ROBOCOP 2 by Trenox -4
Simjoy (T2 HUNTER KILLER) -2
Trevor Hennington - Motoko Kusanagi -1
drossxyu |

[li][i]Best BustNEW! [/i][/li][/ul]

[b][/b][color=darkorange]Frank Grecco (drossxyu)[/color]Johnny 5 [Short Circuit] Bust


Since I originally planned on doing more than a bust, I figured the arm would probably connect to something (e.g., the rest of his body ). Unfortunately, that didn’t happen so I left it out. I did toy with the idea of including it on the table in my ‘workshop’ video, but it became too cluttered and distracting ( and I also didn’t finish texturing it).

Special thanks to Terry and Richard for their reference material. Original Design by Syd Mead.

Thanks to everyone for their support in the WIP thread and Congrats to everyone that has finished!
DrossXYU 34
Jedi-Juice -7
Shocklate -4
Lukavi -1
ROBOCOP 2 by Trenox -1

[li]BEST MODEL COLLECTION (2 OR MORE)[/li]MaxChan(sapienz )C3PO-R2D2

Softwares used:
| 3dStudioMax | Vray | AdobePhotoShop | AdobeAfterEffects |


This is the 2nd time, i’m in a hardcore modelling challenge and i’m quite glad that i was able to do up this piece of work which i intially wanted to try out during hcm09-starwars tribute. While C3po was mainly a good test of my subdivisional modelling skills, R2d2 was alittle bit more hardsurface. Based on a concept art and some reference from toys, i needed to guess some of the finer details that were missing or vague.

I’m quite glad that i managed to do up the texturing of r2d2 with my limited knowledge of unwrapping as well as time.

estimated time spent on this project would be roughly 50+ hrs

Best Model Collection: Sapienz -21

Best Model Collection: Chrisbeaver -11
Best Model Colelction: Agostinuke -6
Best Model Collection: Zikeo -2
Best Model: Søren Andersen (aka Trenox) Cain -1
Best Model Collection: landis -1
Best Model Collection: Agostinuke -1
Best Model Collection: DDS -1
Best Model Collection: ROBOCOP 2 by Trenox -1
Best Model Collection: Anon kleiderman - Castle In the Sky Laputa -1

[li][i]Best DioramaNEW![/i][/li][b][/b]Simon Joyce (simjoy)Terminator 2 Hunter Killer Tank

[color=white]TURNTABLE :HK.MOV

All modelling was done using 3D Max, and the textures were created in Photoshop. All post work was done in Photoshop as well.

TOTAL TIME SPENT : Well over 60 hrs … to be honest i lost count …

This was my second HMC entry, the first being the Star Wars one last year. It was again a hugely enjoyable experience, but quite intense. The end result is, in my mind, worth the effort.
Thanks to all who commented in the wip thread, and congratulations to all who put the effort into producing some excellent works …
Best diorama - simjoy -23
Best Diorama: DrossXYU -11
Best Diorama: chris beaver -5
Best Diorama: Landis -2
Best Diorama : farazmobin
Best Diorama: Jeepster -1
Best Diorama- rockstarkate - Robby Robot -1
Best Diorama: Frank Grecco - Johnny 5 [Short Circuit] Bust -1
Best Diorama: ROBOCOP 2 by Trenox -1
Best Diorama: MaxChan C3PO-R2D2 -1

[li][i][u]Best model[/i][/u][/li][i][b][/i][/b]Søren Andersen (Trenox)Robocop MARK2 - Cain
ARTIST NAME: Søren Andersen (aka Trenox)
WIP THREAD: http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthr…?f=208&t=625422


Orthographic Images:


Full size beautyshot link: http://trenox.junkworks.org/dumps/h…t_1600x1200.jpg

Turntable link:

3dsmax, photoshop

Cain was a particular difficult model to create since it has so many irregular shapes and lines, and because
I had to rely on several sources of references which came from different models in different poses
(8 models was created for the movie + a full size torso). Also its non-symmetrical and has four arms with almost no identical elements.
However I am relatively happy with the result and the time it took to recreate this fabulous design.

I spend roughly 65-70 hours on this including reasearch.

Special thanks to HenrikBC for support, advice and critique.
Also a special thanks to Insroo for his support and generous supply of reference material.

[i]Best Model: Trenox -29[/i]
Best Model: Landis -6
Best Model : Simjoy -3
Best Model: Farazmobin -3
Best Model: Roman Reiner(limdaepl )Kenbishi Standard Light Weight Tank -2
Best Model: Murks -2
Best Model: stage-gr -1
Best Model -------------- Albert Feliu Gomis (Gits Batou) -1
[b]Best Model- drossxyu - J5 [/b]


Thanks to all who participated on our last mini challenge.

Hope to see you here next week for out next Challenge:
[color=darkorange]SPORTS ICON !


and his name is… ?


Thanks to all who participated on our last mini challenge.
I am VERY proud of the HIGH quality of all the entries!

Hope to see you here next week for out next Challenge:
[color=darkorange]SPORTS ICON !


Congratulations to everyone. One of the best contests yet, so many good entries.


Big round of applause to everyone in this contest, and a big thx to Roberto for hosting this challenge!


Everyone who made it on this winner’s list has a well deserved spot on it!
Congrats guys!!! excellent models:thumbsup:
…and Trenox…AMAZING WORK!!!

As for myself, i am pleased to pick up a couple of votes during the voting process and get mentioned a couple more times as well…that is equal to a vote for me and i want to thank everyone who gave me their support this whole month either by voting or commenting:beer:
…now that this is over i can watch the rest of EURO2008 undistracted:cool:


yeah, well done to everyone. not just the “winners” but everyone who put so much effort into their entries …:applause:


:applause: :applause: :applause: Well done everyone! :applause: :applause: :applause:


Much agreed; all the entries were fantastic! Congratulations to all the winners, and to the many people with great new portfolio material!


The plug for the winners comes this Saturday…

For those who have content hoster in their own server, be prepared to get hit…


wow…such great talents and such vast imaginations :eek:
great competetion guys and congratulations to everyone


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