HCR Modeling #47: Warriors of the Zodiac, Aries the Ram


Hi guys! Been a long while.

I’m finally finding the balance between work,life and getting to join these kinda things aka contests. I just finished joining Game Artisan’s Comicon Challenge and I thought to myself I’d rest for a while but I suddenly remembered and thought if HMC was finally updated with a new challenge and it is! And I love the topic and I can’t let it pass so here’s my entry :smiley:

I’ll be picking my zodiac Aries for this :slight_smile: I was picturing something between Greek sculptures and Frank Frazetta’s painting to execute this. Something that showed confidence and masculinity since one of Aries’ description is aggression and courage. I did a “quick” sketch of what I imagine:


Hiho welcome back razeverius, goot to see you again.

Looks for nice anatomie trainig, easy cozy for you. :slight_smile:


thanks for the welcome Tombery. Good luck to us on our entries :slight_smile:

Anyway, here’s a quick brainstorm I did on Aries while on lunch break awhile ago at work.

The concept I have in mind is he has to “stand tall” or have a more confident pose, chest out, head up looking head on to symbolize both “leader” and “pioneer” He will have arm bands/bracers around his arms and legs that has a fire shape to symbolize Aries’ Element which is fire.

I was originally gonna let him hold a torch to signify the “leader” but the torch just reminds me of something else which is knowledge so i’m scrapping it out. Not sure if it’s allowed but I’ll be modeling out his private part to symbolize “fertility” (if not allowed I’ll just put a leaf around it :smiley: )

and finally just as a bonus if I still have the time I’d like to model some fruits on the floor with a few coins to address “abundance”

As a bonus I was thinking of tattoing him with the Aries symbol and some greek styled art around his body to signify “leadership” some more because back here at my country the more tattoos you had in the tribe meant the more of a leader you are. At his back I’ll be putting a tattoo of a compass to signify his “pioneer” overall that’s all I could think of. I just really wanna focus on anatomy here and putting the meanings of Aries via his look and pose (which feels really challenging)


Well I decided to make my Aries into a female for an extra challenge. Here’s my wip


I love your concept art raz. Very detailed. Good luck to you.



Rage! You’re still online here was thinking if you were still active in cgsociety or not. Great to hear from you here. Hope you can join in the modeling challenge next time :slight_smile:


So here’s my update. Just a bit more symmetry then I plan to detail and pose her :slight_smile: Hope I make it for the deadline!


I know I’m waaaayyy too late but I didn’t want to leave my thread hanging here for once. The last time I completed a challenge here was during the 80’s cartoon challenge back in 2009? Ever since then all I’ve posted were work in progress. Anyway I had fun with this challenge. Till next time! :slight_smile: