HCR Modeling #46: Movie Wheels Tribute! The Saint


so first of all, this is my first car and even my first challange i try to follow,
please be patient as i try to do everything right :wink:

as i am a huge fan of the old volvo cars and also like the “the saint” tv show
from the 1962, i decided to give it a try with the volvo p1800.
i love this car and i like its forms and shapes. i was once an owner of this beautiful car so that gives me an extra boost.

here are some reference pictures and also wip pics.

i use modo as the software of my choice and mari for texturing things, so there is more to come, if the time is not running to fast.

feel free to comment, because i would be happy for some tipps and tricks to get a better modell/image.








here is an update for the challenge.
i put togehter some pictures i found on the internet, there are a lot more pictures i used but this is a small selection.
i run into some problems with the blueprints, as it seems that they are not very accurate.
so i was searching for some more close up pictures for specific parts on the car.

after a little bit of guessing how some shapes behave, i am quite happy with the result so far.
you still can see some imperfections on the main body of the car and some parts are still not fitting exactly togehter but i will fix that.

i still have not so much time to work on this project, so after aprox. 25 hours of work, this is status at this time.

have a look at some pics