HCR Modeling # 46: Movie Wheels Tribute!FAQ


Post your questions for Movie Wheels Tribute! mini challenge.



Is it strictly movies, I thought somewhere it was mentioned of possibly including TV/anime wheeled vehicles as well?

Ah, correction, found the post I was thinking of and I guess I imagined there was more to it

Bikes, trucks anything with wheels would be kosher


I assume TV series are ok. Personnally, I found more ref in TV series


Oh hell yes. Some show I can think of the top of my head that had great wheels are:
The Munsters
The Monkeys
Lost in Space
Batman 66
Knight Rider
Starkey & Hutch
Magnum PI
Route 66


Phew, I found a motorcycle from Dragonball that looks like it’ll be fun to model and then I saw ‘movie’ and I thought, “I hope I didn’t get those reference images for nothing.”


Anime is fine…have fun


is it ok to model this kart? from wreck it ralph


For me if Anime works, a Disney movie car should works. It’s a four wheel from a movie. so it fit in the rules.


Go ahead… It has wheels so it is kosher!


i would like to join the challenge, but my thread wont show up.
i submit my thread two times and it did not work.

the pictures i added are on my flickr site and they showed up as i previewed my post.
maybe there is a little help.

thank you very much


It work now


ok perfect
so how can i delete one of these threads?



THe modification or the suppression of the threads titles or the threads itself can only be done by Reboerto. Best way is to send him a private message from the forum asking him to delete your thread.


Hi Guys this is my first post! I think this contest is awesome!! I´d like to do the black Honda Civic 95, from the first FAST AND FURIOUS from the robber scenes. For me, that scene makes the tune for the rest of the movie!! but it’s been 20 years, so I thought it could do the most current version of black honda civic (Civic Type R). What you think guy´s, can i do it for this challenge???


Hello guys! I’m trying to make my first post here, but did not appear, I had a doubt in the contest !!! Can you help me??


There is a first delay when you create first thread. They will autorize it. Don’t be afraid.

If not, you do something wrong.


HI, I have work in progress pics ready to post. Please help me post them!!! I am new here.


What is the problem?


Posting Images on the CGtalk Forum

You need to start a treat first, but if you want to post images you would need to upload them on a server like postimg.org or photobucket.com .

Then to copy the img link on the forum, you click the image icon in the tool bar of the message section. It will popup a pop-up window to ask you to paste the image link. So you do that: paste the image link. Then it’s done when you finish by pressing Ok. Voila should display that string of text.


I usually post small size images like maximum 600px width and 600 px height. Original image should be larger then HD format (1920x1080) and linked.

If you have difficulty relay on Youtube:


So like I said, I personnally display small size images and linking the huge version. Images will load much faster. linking external link is the same process… It’s use HTML tag.

Linking link:

A) From an already posted image: Highlight the image (select the image tags and the link to display it) then add the url tags before between “[” and “]”: (URL) and end it by closing the tags (/URL). should look like that:


you just need to paste the huge size version of your image in the first url tag.
(url=http:/photobucket.com/…/image00001-largeversion.jpg) (/url)


B) If you did post an image yet: Click on the URL icon next the the picture icon in the tool bar. It will ask you to post your text of display (that’s your small size image link) then press ok. Next question will ask you to post the large size version of your image: Paste the link to your large size version of your image, press OK.

It will display like that but we html tags “[” & “]”:

(url=http:/photobucket.com/…/image00001-largeversion.jpg) (img)http://photobucket.com/.../image0001.jpg(/img)(/url)

Visually, it’s an image in-between url tags. Should work.


Excuse me, but can you remind the exact dateline?